Healthy Meals Even The Dude Won’t Mind Eating!

REVIEWS | | October 6, 2010 at 9:41 pm

I love cooking, but truth is I don’t cook as often as I would like to. Maybe it is the cleaning up after or the fact that the piles of other chores, overdue blogging or the stack of papers from my daughter’s school that I have not gone through yet, all seem to need more urgent attention. I love junk food. I know it is bad and I avoid the kids having it but I love it. Hubby on the other hand is not a fan of it. Get this, he hates cheese, ketchup and chocolate! I know, I wonder that too.

Anyway hubby works from home in the basement and out of sympathy, or it could be laziness, I offered to toss one of my Healthy Choice All Natural meals in the oven for him. Maybe it was hunger, or laziness, but he said yes. I was happy to enjoy the meal with him the first day, tolerated it when it happened the next day but by the 3rd day I was livid. He is not one to jump up and say “Ooh, that tastes great, can I have some?” but more of an “Oh, ok, fine I will have it!” so I drew the line. He could go get his own meals.

Though I was really surprised that it managed to fill him up, I was slightly impressed that he did not call it bland. Amazing that we could have something in common. By the way I managed to meet Tara Gidus, “The Diet Diva” at a luncheon at BlogHer and I learned a few wonderful things:

  • An amazing Almond Tin holds enough almonds for a perfect sized sack.
  • Water, water, water and make it a fun bottle. I got the super cute Mommy Niri bottle but have to admit am still struggling with the drinking my quota.
  • Being a vegetarian I should up the protein intake, even with the Healthy Choice meal – since although it includes a protein I would need a bigger amount to keep me feeling full. I totally trusted her as I found she is a vegetarian too.
  • Not all energy bars were created equal. Her favorites were KIND (love that Starbucks have them) and Soy Joy (among others).
  • Breakfast is important – skimping it affects your day.
  • Keep the snacking in place so you don’t get too hungry and reach a plateau.

Oh and though they only have one vegetarian option for the new Healthy Choice Steamers, the Portabella Parmesan Risotto is really to die for.

Disclosure: Healthy Choice is providing me coupons for meal and a stipend to log my journey.

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