Beauty And The Beast!

REVIEWS | | October 6, 2010 at 9:36 pm

If you are a reader here at Mommy Niri then you would know princesses are not my thing. You would also know my daughters have both fallen for princesses, my 3 year old with Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and my 5 year old with Belle (Beauty and the Beast). In fact my older girl has been so obsessed with Belle we have had to come up with imaginative ways to get past her insisting we all call her Belle.

Since we received the movie we have watched it so many times and I believe it is worth it’s weight in gold to see my daughter smile as it plays. You know the timeless story of Belle and her love that grows for the beast but all is renewed now that Disney has re-opened the vault. We waited patiently for months.  I have grown to love Beauty and The Beast and especially Belle. Here’s why:

  • The tale is beyond looks – something I remind my daughter of especially when she tries to change her outfit a million times in a day.
  • The girl loves books – the geek in me is quite impressed.
  • The good looking Gaston is not all he might seem – another point on looks
  • The girl is defiant and headstrong. No imagery of a damsel in distress enters your mind for this movie.
  • The songs are beautiful – all are amazing but the “There’s something there” blows my mind with the poignant emotions.
  • The intensity of the romance makes me forget that it is animated.

No prizes for guessing what my daughter will be dressed as this Halloween, but given that for 5 Halloweens before I chose her costume I will indulge her wish on this one. Also if your little one is a Beauty And The Beast fan then stay tuned (or better yet subscribe) as I have some amazing special prizes coming up soon.

Disclosure: I received the DVD screener for reviewing purposes!

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