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NEWS | | September 7, 2010 at 4:03 am

The last time, or rather the first time I booked a cruise was in 2003. We had just bought our first house and I knew my fiscally focused husband would be penny watching so I wanted to make one big splurge. Trouble was coming from a poorer background splurging was not in my genes. So I indulged cautiously. I found a 3 day cruise in our BJ’s flyer (to those not in the northeast BJ’s is similar to Costco) dirt cheap, and booked the cheapest cabin (the rooms aboard a ship) and then used my points on my frequent flyer miles (I lived in Boston while hubby was in DC so needless to say we racked the miles over 3 years of dating ) to get us 2 free tickets to Florida to embark on the cruise.

So with a separate bag packed for the trip we moved into our new home and 4 days later left for our cruise – yeah like with me can be somewhat interesting (though my hubby may have other descriptions).   I remember we stayed at the Riviera level – the lowest and though we enjoyed all the facilities of the boat had no idea that a change of room could make a difference. With visions of our old room and preparations for our invitation trip from Carnival Cruise Lines I began to panic imagining how our 2 little kids would make every effort to make that space feel smaller by the minute (have you met my 3 year old?).


This time we got the Panorama level, also known at the top level on the ship, and with huge patio doors leading onto an ample (well ample for a ship – fitting 2 chairs and a table adequately) deck with transparent wall type fence (ok so I have no idea what you call it and I am typing this late at night in bed hoping not to wake the kids). Needless to say the place, which is already huge, feels bigger with the curtains drawn.  I have the greatest admiration for Carnival Cruise Lines who very clearly know how to make maximum use of smaller spaces in a way so creative that it boggles the engineering mind in me. I wish they could work that magic on my home, though I guess that won’t help me with the cleaning issues abound.

A bathroom so small yet feels spacious enough, a couch that doubles up into a twin bed, a bed that is carefully tucked into the ceiling (you would not even guess it to be there) which transforms into a bunk bed when needed and moved out of sight to make space available when not, 3 full closets and more cabinets than I can count – all this making for a room you could actually want to hang out in. Sure, this paranoid mama opted out of the bunk bed, being used to a much lower one from IKEA in my home, but both girls have been sleeping cozily in the twin bed.

Being able to enjoy an air-conditioned room or step out in the deck to soak in the sun and (sea) sounds is as close to convenience and serenity a mama badly in need of a vacation could want.

Disclosure:  Carnival Cruise Lines is sponsoring the trip for my family.


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    Jessica says:

    What a view indeed! We made a huge mistakes when we cruised the first time, we shared an interior room with another couple. It was less than enjoyable. Our room was tiny, we all slept in separate bunk beds (did I mention my brother-in-law snores non-stop) and our port hole was so itty bitty! Next time, we are going to do it right and have a room like this!

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