New DVD Releases: Date Night And Diary Of A Wimpy Kid (Win Them Both)

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Congratulations Deborah!

Date Night could have possibly be taken straight out of a page in my life. Almost. I mean the part before all the mayhem happens. Recently I was at a media event to explore the new Honda Odyssey and they finished up the event at a spa (I know, I lead a tough life). As we all sat in the relaxing waiting area – listening out for our name, a name was called and no-one responded. After a few times of no response I jokingly suggested I could be that person or anyone if I could get their spa treatment. A friend reminded me of Date Night and the consequences.

For those who have not seen Date Night – a couple just looking to have their regular (boring) date night decide to kick things up a notch and head to the city (NYC) for dinner. Only issue is Steve Carell decides to treat his wife to a fancy smancy restaurant. Any smart person would know that the hot new restaurants in NYC always are booked solid but in attempt to impress the lovely Tina Fey they decide to just turn up. While waiting a name is called for an open table and Steve pretends it is his just to get the table. Only thing is there are people after the actual couple whose name the restaurant RSVP was. And so begins an adventure that would spice up any couple’s life.

The first time I had heard about Diary Of A Wimpy Kid (the book) was a year ago while on the way to BlogHer in Chicago I was about to meet some friends. Wanting to take something for their kids I stopped at a bookstore. The younger kid was easy since he was around the age of my daughter, but the older kid who was then 11 years old was out of my realm of guessing. Who knew what kids that age are into except those kids and their parents? So I asked the bookstore and he pointed me to The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid – confident that  it would be a winner.

He was so not wrong. Throughout the coffee and the adults chatting the entire book was read. Ironically a year later his family moved to Boston so while I was reviewing it I got him to take a view of the screener. The movie rotates around a boy in middle school and diary like, tracking the day to day life – shedding light on what happens on the student’s life. Although to some it may seem mundane I do believe those (like me) who have no idea what middle school life brings (hey I just started getting used to Kindergarten life) will find it refreshing at points and startling at others.

As a parent I would have loved longer sneak peeks at the parents a little more (maybe get tips for my future for handling kids that age) I guess the movie is Diary Of A Wimpy Kid and not Diary Of the concerned parents – so the focus was pretty apt. On asking the kiddo what he thought he shrugged his shoulders and wondered what the fuss was about, saying it was ok – me thinks it is hard to pull out any stronger words than that from him – so I had to ask specific questions. After a little prodding he confessed not liking a new character introduced – which he bitingly listed as “some girl”. The fact that he enjoyed the movie with his dad tells me it really is a family movie.

Want to win a combo pack of both DVDs – Date Night and Diary Of A Wimpy Kid?

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Disclosure: I received screeners for both these movies!

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