Kicking My Starbucks Habit (well for a week anyway)

MY VIEWS | | September 5, 2010 at 7:50 am

So I have an addiction, it does not happen every day but on some (tougher) days it happens more than once so it kind of evens out to once per day. The fact that the staff at Starbucks know my name and my drink, along with my kid’s drink, should be a warning in itself to my habit, but I ignored those signs. Then although I prided myself on being an avid recycling babe it also highlighted my habit to a friend who saw my bin populated with Starbucks cups. The fact that they know how to make my chai, which I describe to the fullest each time and find it therapeutic just saying it (I learned the term for my way is called a “dirty chai” but that sounds too kinky for me to ever say – I know me prude) and it also makes me thrilled someone (finally) understands me (and has an apron to boot).

So while I cruise and there is no Starbucks, I wanted to see if I could stay a full 7 days without (yeah the cruise is 8 days but where do you think I got my breakfast?). The fact that they are involved in so many philanthropic ventures and also kids snacks that don’t make me gag means I am funding a good cause, or so I say as I save my treat receipt from my morning drink to buy the discounted frappachino later in the day. I wonder if Starbucks will miss me. I wonder if they will send out a red alert when they don’t see me pull up at the drive through window.

Ahh, Starbucks, in moments of whining frenzy, with my kids buckled in I can safely recall sipping back my sanity thanks to you. Fear not, I will be back as it is not for nothing my 5 year old calls Starbucks “Mama’s happy place!”

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