Friday 5: 5 Companies That Rock My Boat!

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While I review many products on they are just simply reviews, not endorsements. Promoting a brand is something entirely different and it is one that I intend to get behind only if I passionately am in love with it. It is also why I have been slow to get sponsorships for conferences. Been able to shout out, and put name on the line for a company is something I am careful about. Some may argue that my name is small, which may be true but it is something I stand behind. There are some companies out there that I just love. I am not being paid to say anything here – I just love them to bits.

Starbucks The Papa Post and I joke that starbucks must be laughing all the way to the bank. They don’t need to hire enthusiasts since so many people feel passionate about it to promote for free. It is not the coffee I like, though they make a killer chai, but the way I feel when I am there. The fact that they are community focused and eco aware is another reason. Recently they started stocking healthy snacks for kids that I would normally buy afro my kids. I could go on about starbucks but as my 5 year old would say “starbucks is mama’s happy place

Google. I love everything Google. They just make sense in a logical way that probably an engineering mind can appreciate the most. I mean come on, do you remember the yucky yahoo search before google came along? Precisely, now think of how often we google. Everything! I loved google always but when they stuck to their guns about censorship in china i really had to admire a company that had guts and ethics.

Jetblue. I had never traveled on jet blue before I attended the Jetblue/Lego/Atlantis media trip. Of course you would expect never to get a true picture on media trips, especially as that was a chartered flight, as the companies always put their best forward then, but I did happen to fly 2 legs of the trip in a regular flight and saw their service and attitude a breath of fresh air. No longer was the eye roll when my kids walked in or snotty attitudes, but friendly faces. I am sure that is a challenge to upkeep. What wins me over is that there is more legroom, for everyone. Most airlines have so many classes in aflight it is tantamount to a caste system. They have no first or businesss class – great not to pass by those huge seating areas while you sit squashed. My favorite thing is the snacks – healthy options that I would actually purchase. Here’s another reason this airline is a keeper – I flew jet blue on my way to speak at evo in Utah and was lucky enough to have on board many executives from jet blue, including one of the founders. Yeah they thought friend Rachel and I re like blogging celebrities and took turns sitting by us, but then I saw what makes Jet blue the most awesome airline it is known to be – the executives were walking around helping the flight attendants in their duties, including the executives picking up passenger trash. A winner I tell you!

Whole Foods. I always envied rich people from buying at whole foods. Always considered it too pricey and looked at the quantity I could get at a regular supermarket.  Then I started reading ingredients and tossed out quantity for quality. I felt good and clean about what we were putting into our body and more especially my kids bodies. Yeah I can’t afford it all there but I place priority about what my kids eat and their eating habits too. When I started watching how my child with autism reacted to food coloring (for the record I think fdc colors are just bad for anyone per se) I knew I could shop freely in whole foods, they don’t stock anything with artificial colors.

IKEA – So firstly I was back and forth about including them. I do think the customer service is not up to scratch – especially when you expect more from a company with such innovative designs.  But then so many things I love about IKEA made them hard to not include. Where should I begin – the food is cheap and actually has decent vegetarian options. The layout of the store (which can be tricky unless you discover the shortcuts) makes us all believe we could be designers. The cost of the items, makes us believe we can afford to have pretty homes. The design, with names of designers, are so smart, and practical – like cups with a small slit underneath them so when they are upside down in a dishwasher washer trickles down and not collects on the bottom as it usually does.

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