Floored With Food!

NEWS | | September 6, 2010 at 9:46 am

I love food! There I said it, deal with it. I am one of those people who thinks of food first when someone mentions a special occasion. I do. I could watch Food Network all day (but I don’t). Food is certainly my Achilles Heel. So when I decided to become a vegetarian about 12 years ago I had to psyche myself that being a vegetarian could be just fun. It was a tough start but I remained one since then.  Conferences and media events have been tough being a vegetarian with some even pretending that vegetarians don’t exist (no salad I not my main course, even if you throw in a brad roll).  I end up having choices, not just by a collection of a few side dishes, to actually eat a meat less meal. Of course if you have no restrictions then the whole ship is your oyster. 

The one thing with cruises is that food is never an issue. I am surrounded by it. So much so I can barely touch a morsel by the end of the night. The dining place I mentioned before also serves breakfast in the morning but you could opt for the Lido deck which has a huge spread of variety of food.  And don’t worry about long lines, each different cuisine is set up in different areas so you stand for the food you like only – so shorter lines. Just to describe the lunch today – there was a burger/fries/hotdog corner (with all matching side items), and then there was Mexican food, Rotisserie section, Chinese food,  Deli place, Desserts place, salad bar, sundae station, espresso bar, liquor bar, pizza place, and seriously I am sure I am missing some. And that was just lunch.

Dinner is a whole fiasco on its own. A performance of sorts comes free with the meal. Oh but let me dawdle on that meal bit before I move on to the entertainment.  They have a mini menu for the kids – with activities etc – though it does not change for the duration of the cruise so it can be a tad boring for some kids, and a reassurance to others.  The grown up meals and a burst of amazing fresh flavors and oozes out chef style cuisine. There is not an iota of doubt in your mind that the blend of savory, spice and sweetness are all purposeful and perfectly on the button. Even so the maitre d has been an amazing breath of fresh air, concocting meals to our liking, and having a repeat performance of quality, but not dish, the next day. The wait staff remembers my kid’s names and to some that may mean nothing but we mamas notice, and give importance to, these things.

By infusing warmth and personality in the dining atmosphere the entire meal is so much more palatable.

Disclosure:  Carnival Cruise Lines is sponsoring the trip for my family.

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