Dora And Friends Magazine Launches!

NEWS | | September 19, 2010 at 9:04 pm

I am a fan of all things Dora (except maybe that tween Dora thing) and just learned that there will be a magazine launching with the focus on Dora (and her friends) I just had to share. I have not yet seen the magazine but I plan to soon (I promise to share my views on the Mommy Niri page so stay tuned there).

The magazine will be bi-monthly and a whopping 36 pages. Now honestly that alone means it will last a while. Knowing how my kids love to write on stuff I love that they have a 12 page pull-out workbook section. Exclusive stickers is something else that make this the hot new item to get. Stories, puzzles and activities make for an exciting magazine. Perfect for traveling or a surprise treat. While having fun they learn many skills, including Spanish.

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