Color Me Yellow!

MY VIEWS | | September 1, 2010 at 8:37 pm

Sometimes we all need a little extra color in our lives and when it is your favorite color, even better.  My older daughter always loved green. When I say loved I mean really loved green. She would eye every green toy as a toddler and friends and family became aware of it and accommodated her often. Then without warning to anyone she declared a new favorite - yellow!

Of course it was so sudden that we had few friends left baffled when their green treats ignored. Not sure if the color had something to do with Belle, the current favorite amongst princesses, but now yellow was invading our home.

Often busy with taking care of the home (though if you saw my home you may question that) or juggling therapies, school and blogging assignments I have had little patience or indulgence to play along too much. On any given day I felt like I do several jobs badly, or partially. Kind of the reason I resigned as a software engineer.

So earlier this week I said to heck with the laundry, that mountain could get surmounted another day. I declared National Yellow Day to my daughter as she awoke and that was the fastest I saw her descend the ladder from her upper bunk. The entire day, well until 5pm since I knew we had a prior engagement, everyone wore yellow in the home, yes including me. The girls had yellow food, did yellow craft etc.

The way her eyes lit up the entire day made me realize that a mama can make magic happen. Well, once in a while at least, and no wand required!


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    aww, so cute. mine is switching from yellow to green. :)

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    What a great idea! And such a simple way to really make her happy! Great job!

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    “The way her eyes lit up the entire day made me realize that a mama can make magic happen. Well, once in a while at least, and no wand required!”

    One of the most amazing things that I have found about being a parent is that my kids believe daily that I make magic happen. I bet yours do too!

    From finding their favorite lost toy to laying out their ‘favorite’ school outfit, my kids surprise me on a daily basis with their total adoration of me. I constantly feel like a Fairy Godmother and I love how thankful my children are of everything I do.

    No one in the world can make me feel like my children make me feel! Loved. Respected. Adored. Worshipped!! :)

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    Lauralee Hensley says:

    What a cool mom you are. Certain stages in childhood are over so fast,
    but with your yellow day I bet you imprinted on her a memory that will always last.

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    Ouidad Blog says:

    Such a thoughtful way to make your daughter’s day. You are a great mom! Enjoy your beautiful girl.
    -Deb for Ouidad

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