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NEWS | | September 5, 2010 at 7:49 am

For all the magnitude of the ship and the thought that 2,500 passengers that needed to get on you would be forgiven to think that checking in would be a huge zoo-like room. Tag along 2 kids and you would be further adding chaos to the mix. Not so! Yes, we did not print out stuff like we should have (his fault, not that I am pointing fingers or anything) but they were prepared for it. A gazillion counters open with each equipped to provide you everything from your room key through immigration. A quick scanning process, similar to the ones at the airport (just in process but much simplified and with smiles included), and after whizzing past the mandatory picture taking and we were on board.

Thankfully they knew to kick off with much welcome food. More on that food later – trust me food alone could be a whole series of posts. The fact that you were not rushed to eat at a certain timing took off the pressure of whether we could drop off stuff at our room or not. Oh, and if you have images of us struggling through this whole process with our entire luggage, banish them. You check in the luggage before even actually parking your car and it gets sent straight to your room (yes you know your room # when you book – sweet no?). As a mama I love this as it keeps my hands free, as I have my backpack on my shoulder, and a kid in each hand.

Enough time to relax in our most beautiful room, sorry but more on that again later but when you see what our room looks like you will know why, and then head to an early dinner. I loved the dinner schedules before but as a parent I bless the soul that made 6pm dinners (hello, early bedtime for kids). Get this: on your room card is the dining timeslot (which you pick when booking) and your table number. Come on, this rocks on several levels, the fact that for the ENTIRE cruise that will be the exact table for dinner – takes of pressure from my “mommy brain” (come on, how many things does a mama have to remember these days – for everyone’s sanity?). Oh and if you are thinking “What if I don’t want to eat at that timing anymore” or “What if I want to eat on the deck” well on the Lido deck there is food 24/7 no freaking kidding!

One last thing – prepare to get introduced, but not pressured to remember, (my mommy brain thanks Carnival again) to all the people serving you – from your room steward to your waiter, the maitre d etc. They will be serving you each day and night so you form a relationship and make the whole experience a whole lot personal.

Yeah, checking in was easy, well at least to the cruise – checking in out of my multitaskingoverworkedbrain is not so easy (yet) which is why I am typing this at 1am in the morning. Good night – sweet dreams!

Disclosure:  Carnival Cruise Lines is sponsoring the trip for my family.

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