Scholastic Children’s Dictionary Back-To-School Blog Tour (Win It And $100 Visa Gift Card)

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Congratulations Sheliza!

While seasoned moms are counting the days until school opens, the newbies are scared of just that happening. Yes, both have kids driving them up the wall (that is one long summer vacation I tell you) but when your kid is going to start school for the first time you worry so much. About everything. About anything. About nothing.

Either way getting back to the groove or starting the groove in the first place you’d better start before the night that school begins. Here are some tips of advice. Some I picked up from a teacher called Patrice McCrary in Kentucky.

  • Ease in to the sleep schedule as the weeks get closer. Get to bed slightly earlier so that sudden change is not a shock.
  • Start preparing clothes and for younger kids make sure they have easy fasteners for potty business
  • Bounce up snack and lunch ideas. Keep it fresh but real. Healthy food most of the time is a more realistic goal than all of the time. Have favorites for tough days – and trust me there will be some.
  • Set out the clothing, together (so they feel a part of it), the night before. Saves the arguing the next morning. Plus morning minutes are precious.
  • Have a spacing out corner when they come from school. Chances are they are bushed and won’t want to talk (if they do lucky you) so give them some space to gather themselves.
  • Keep the high-activity-low-activity level at home as well. Teachers use that during the day to allow kids to have that momentum at school so easier to keep it the same.
  • Plan a special activity that you will do together when they get back from school – a favorite book, bake a cookie etc, so they have something to look forward too.
  • Build a reading corner. This can double serve as a quiet place and a bonding place.
  • Send little notes with their lunch.
  • Send email or record voice messages for them to hear after school, especially if you work outside the home and want to be part of their day at that point.

Scholastic recently published 2010 edition dictionary The Scholastic Children’s Dictionary, which we love – but then again I am a geeky girl. I know the stress involved in getting your kiddo ready for school – add to that a special needs kid and you get the picture. Not only is a dictionary essential but this one is a great introduction to all libraries (home or otherwise) but one that has pictures and simplified explanations can be a boon to the learning habits of your family.

To help ease your stress I would love to give a lucky Mommy Niri reader something special.

Want to win A $100 Visa Gift Card and a Scholastic Dictionary?

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