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SOCIAL MEDIA | | August 15, 2010 at 8:37 pm

So I made it to BlogHer and I made it back. If you read my Girlfriend’s Guide To BlogHer you would be wondering if I really ate my own dog food. And to not keep you in suspense, yes I did. BlogHer was a blur but I expected it to be.

What I wore

  • T-shirt with my logo (if I am forking out money to be there I better promote myself ) and my twitter id (which makes me easier to find). This became a no-brainer uniform and made it simple and easy to dress each day.
  • No makeup, except if some party people were dressing me up. This is because I suck at makeup and somehow sweat and makeup just don’t mix. But mainly because if you know me I am not really a makeup kinda gal.
  • Flip-flops. Seriously the best decision ever and my feet have thanked me for it.
  • Confidence. I mean I would have to or all those awesomely clad women dressed in evening wear would have intimidated me, but it did not.

What I did

  • I (mentally) made a note of what I wanted to do for sure, what I would like to do and and what I could skip if time was the issue.
  • I volunteered at registration so that I could save on conference fee and also meet more people – but really over 6 hours commitment is steep so it left me with little time to do much else.
  • I attended this year with my best friend who is now dabbling in blogging. We go way back to pre-marriage days (or as I call it – My skinny days). This made so many things very special.
  • I went with the flow. I did not feel compelled to run anywhere to meet anyone or attend any event. I felt if the event was workable I would attend it. If I happened to see a fellow blogger, old or new, I would hug her. No expectations and no disappointments.

My surprises this year

  • While on the Kodak bus tour I got a message that my husband’s mom passed away. Most of Thursday was a blur of trying to make things work as we figured it out. I tried hard not to mention anything to anyone (death is such a downer in any conversation) as we were trying to figure out how he could get in time overseas to attend the funeral, while relatives were putting their foot down about waiting for a son to attend his mom’s funeral. Yes it is ten times more cruel than that sounded.
  • Seeing Anissa at the Aiming Low party. I actually attended the party in the hope of catching a glimpse of her. Even though I knew she would be speaking – I also expected it to be one crowded room. When I saw Anissa seated on the couch my heart sang while my eyes welled up. As I tried to maintain my composure as I spoke to Anissa, the past 11 years flashed back of sitting next to my mom after her stroke. Every fiber of my body was alive as I relived moments I had tucked away safely. My mom died shortly after but Anissa is very much alive. When I see Anissa I feel strength and a zest and to hug her is my one treasured moment at BlogHer. It made attending it worth it.
  • Finding myself invited to many private parties. I consider myself the blogger-next-door so it was interesting to see myself in many events listed as VIP events. A friend recently joked “You’re an A lister with a B complex” and I wondered why that felt funny. Not haha funny but weird funny. I was keen to attend those parties (seriously you would too) but found myself feeling guilty. Guilty that many of my buddies were not invited. Being a strong believer in not making someone make me feel like I don’t belong I attended each party but wondered if everyone was staring at me thinking “what the heck is she doing here” or maybe they were staring at my flip-flops wondering “why does she have poor taste in fashion”. Trying to make sure that I am the blogger who always keeps her feet on the ground – it is freaking scary to see amazing projects and invitations sent my way and pray that I still keep my ideas grounded and friends rooted.

See you in San Diego for BlogHer11!

PS – I plan to have a few recaps for special days that deserved a separate post. You will be reading, won’t you?

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  1. 1

    One of the highlights of my conference was the relatively calm moments of walking with you after Aiming Low. You are a great friend to have in the blogging world, well-just a great friend to have! I love ya Niri! –Jenn

  2. 2
    Kelly says:

    It was so lovely to see you, and meet your friend. I only wish I had even more time with you!

    You’ll always be rooted in reality-it’s called being a mom. :) You seriously deserve every opportunity and then some. You are always looking out for everyone else!

  3. 3

    Ugh…hugs, you did have a lot on your mind. Time flies by at BlogHer so fast and you only have so much time to conversate with fellow bloggers, and friends. I found it hard to spend quality time with all “my people” that I wanted to. I’m sorry for the loss of your husband’s mother. I’m sure that made everything so difficult while you were there.

    It was soo great to meet you, and umm ya, you are an “A Lister”.

  4. 4
    TONYA says:

    Niri, I’m so very sorry for your families loss. I had no idea when we were on the bus that you got such devastating news.

    You are a rockstar blogger in my eyes. Love ya.

  5. 5
    Jessica says:

    So sorry for your loss. I LOVE your BlogHer babbling, really makes me sad I didn’t go. Girl, flip flops are the way to go!

    You are a one of the most influential bloggers I know and deserve VIP treatment! Thanks for being true to who you, that is why we all love you!

  6. 6

    Loved hanging out with you at Blogher! I lived in my flip flops too and my feet were much happier.

  7. 7
    Esti says:

    Mommy Niri – It is so nice refreshing to hear how humble you are about your achievements. You have worked and I knew you were special the very first time I met you at the Today’s Moms event in NYC over one year ago. I also met your friend Kitty, a true and real human being as well. You are a great example of how beautiful it is to be who you are, not what brands want you to be, nor what looks like brands expect bloggers to be. I am proud to call you a friend, somebody that puts the important things first, you!!! Mazel Tov, Hatzlacha, and may you continue to grow organically!!!

  8. 8

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss. You put on quite the brave face at BlogHer. I loved running into you two over and over. Though I did begin to feel like a stalker. :)

  9. 9
    Kamesh says:

    You are my “Rock Star”. Attending my frst Blogher conference with you is something that I will treasure forever. Just as all the others special moments that we have carved out and acculmlated over the past, so looking forward to see what we can create together in the future. I felt like I was hanging with a celebrity:) Thankyou for your Friendship, Support and Love

  10. 10
    Suzanne says:

    OMG Niri, so sorry for your loss… but you are so an A lister… I am barely a blip on the radar and being VIP, I wondered if I was being confused with someone else… Flip flops were the SMARTEST idea.. and I loved your t-shirt uniform… and I love you… What an amazing adventure BlogHer was wasn’t it! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow… and of course at BlogHer ’11!

  11. 11
    melissa says:

    i so enjoyed meeting you, niri. i just thought you were so wonderful and was disappointed i didn’t get a chance to talk to you more.
    i’m so very sorry about your husband’s father and i hope everything worked out! ((hugs))

  12. 12

    I saw you at the registration desk. Wondered what the experience was like. I put my name in the hat to volunteer at TAM as I did last year. Conferences can be so expensive. Every little bit you can do to defray expenses helps.

    I’m so sorry that your husband lost his mom. Devastating news. Please give him my best.

    I like your go-with-the-flow attitude. I also evaluated my schedule as I was running about NYC. I missed 2 events on Thursday and another 2 on Friday.

    I, too, was surprised at the events I was invited to. I feel validated that although my stats may not be rockstar, but I do a good job when I represent a brand.

  13. 13

    So sorry to hear about your family’s loss. I will be sending comforting thoughts your way. Also, why wouldn’t you be invited to a private party?! You’re great company :-)

  14. 14

    ((hugs))) I am so sorry to hear about your mother in law! :(

    So glad we got to see eachother at Blogher it was great meeting your friend as well!

    Hope to see you soon!!
    Xo cori

  15. 15
    laura says:

    the bus tour was so much fun.
    i had no idea about your husband’;s mother! i am so sorry.
    meeting Anissa at the Aiming Low party was amazing. i love her too!
    i thought you looked lovely…if only i could look that wonderful without makeup. i’m afraid i frighten small children, kittens and puppies without.
    seriously, it was so wonderful to meet you. i now hear your voice when i read your tweets which is awesome

  16. 16
    Anissa says:

    It was sooooooooooooo wonderful to see you and getting that hug, even from behind, meant the world. I had a chance to hug and say hello to your husband in the hotel, I was surprised he remembered me from the AL party in Boston!

    Girl, there is just never enough time.

    Love you,

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