Johnson’s Girl Talk Party For Autism Awareness!

NEWS | | August 14, 2010 at 5:41 am

When I cam across an opportunity to host a girl “party” initiated by Johnson’s (you know the folks that make the trusted baby products for generations?) with a focus of raising awareness for a charitable cause – there was no thinking involved. I signed up. Fast forward a few weeks later and I was knee deep in projects but this one I wanted to make happen. I tried to do something to raise funds and had a few conversations with Autism Speaks. Since it is a tough time in the economy the funds idea did not sit too well. Also it became apparent that the guys over at Autism Speaks are plagued with funds and manpower (lack of volunteers) issues. Also add the the (ridiculous) bureaucracy involving access of care to those who need it and you can see how much energy is swallowed by that effort.

Me, I had other plans. I wanted to make small differences.  A few months ago I reviewed a book on Autism called “My Brother Charlie” and I really wanted many more kids to read that book. The focus of parents of children with Autism learning about Autism is so high but no one teaches everyone else about it. Considering the ratio of kids with Autism, and with no cure in sight, you would think that someone would be focusing on helping everyone else understand – especially peers. It would make my day if the friends of my child could understand her more.

So with a little help from Scholastic we managed to get some book donations. Some for Autism Speaks to distribute but since I anticipate that this would not be the highest item of their agenda we decided to pool together at the party and find ways to spread awareness in each of our communities. SO armed with a little children’s book my friends are speaking to people at libraries, doctor offices, therapists etc into including the book as part of their  collection. I am so excited by this small action yet the impact it will have. Even if one kid reads the book and understands a teeny bit more his friend, sibling or himself it would be so worth the effort.

A special thanks to Johnson’s for starting this wonderful project and for providing some products for the attendees to take home. Also Scholastic and Touch’d for supporting this endeavor. It actually makes me get goosebumps thinking of kids reading this book. However small, never underestimate the impact we can have

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