Earth Footwear’s Latest The Swank Boots (Giveaway)

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Congratulations Erica!

So I got approached about reviewing a pair of boots. I was already freaking out that I had done nothing with the kids for summer and began to panic that summer had passed me by while I had my head buried in blogging. So when I regained composure realizing that I still had a few weeks I did wonder about these new boots. Now I am a 1 boot gal. I had a pair a friend bought for me in fashionable London maybe 12 years ago and I never bought another pair. Ever! Some may think I needed a life, or rather a boots. Anyway although I received compliment after compliment on that pair the time had come to toss it. So after I bid adieu to them I could not bring myself to buy another – kind of like cheating. Then I heard that this new boots, called The Swank, was by Earth Footwear. I thought, wait those are the guys that make those shoes that burn calories, right?

So in interest of my butt, or rather decreasing this butt, I agreed.The suede style boots had a floppy, casual look to it. With not having a zipper it was a little getting used to to slip my foot into the boots. I am in no way elegant about these things so imagine if you will some chugging and tugging.  The boots had a leather upper so if you have it a tad snug it may stretch a weensy bit. I must admit that other than it feeling weird to wear boots in 80 degrees weather the boots was totally fit-forming. I was slightly concerned about the snugness and considered going up a size but realized the next size would be loose. Can’t have me dropping a boot all over, can we?

So I have never tried the Earth Footwear sneaker but have heard constantly from the guys on twitter about their ability to burn calories. Tempted to try that one for the gym next time. So while I would not expect you to go running in these boots, unless a dog is chasing you, a boots that helps you burn calories while you walk is twofold – stylish and practical. The fact that these are not heeled means that heels-clumsy-me will actually get use out of it. The 3.7 degree incline and the arch support is what promotes the calorie burning. To some the arch may feel weird but I normally wear clogs and got used to the “natural” style of walking.

Can I say whether it burned some calories? That would be a tough one and I would have to test it out for months (which I will) and you may miss out on winning a pair of these babies in time for fall if I did that. I loved that the shoe fit like a glove so it could move with me. I need to obviously get some fashionable clothing items to go with it so I can use it more often to get the calorie burning feature going. The sole is another thing I like, there is grip on it but it is not hard. I assume that may be the shock absorber or cushioning factor.

Now a stylish boots that burns some butt, that should be enough right? Maybe to some, but Earth Footwear don’t just have the “Earth” part in their name for nothing. Being careful in the use of water-based adhesives and with the 70% recycled cushioning content that means they care for the earth and their product. Going further by having packaging  glue-less printed using soy-based inks means the “wrapper”  is just as thoughtful as the product. All Earth® shoes have something called BioStep™, which actually means the outsole actually de-composes in landfills 10x faster than regular shoes. How’s that for a step in the right direction?

Now your turn

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Disclosure: Earth Footwear provided me with a pair of these boots to review and one to a lucky Mommy Niri reader as well!

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