Earth Footwear’s Latest The Swank Boots (Giveaway)

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Congratulations Erica!

So I got approached about reviewing a pair of boots. I was already freaking out that I had done nothing with the kids for summer and began to panic that summer had passed me by while I had my head buried in blogging. So when I regained composure realizing that I still had a few weeks I did wonder about these new boots. Now I am a 1 boot gal. I had a pair a friend bought for me in fashionable London maybe 12 years ago and I never bought another pair. Ever! Some may think I needed a life, or rather a boots. Anyway although I received compliment after compliment on that pair the time had come to toss it. So after I bid adieu to them I could not bring myself to buy another – kind of like cheating. Then I heard that this new boots, called The Swank, was by Earth Footwear. I thought, wait those are the guys that make those shoes that burn calories, right?

So in interest of my butt, or rather decreasing this butt, I agreed.The suede style boots had a floppy, casual look to it. With not having a zipper it was a little getting used to to slip my foot into the boots. I am in no way elegant about these things so imagine if you will some chugging and tugging.  The boots had a leather upper so if you have it a tad snug it may stretch a weensy bit. I must admit that other than it feeling weird to wear boots in 80 degrees weather the boots was totally fit-forming. I was slightly concerned about the snugness and considered going up a size but realized the next size would be loose. Can’t have me dropping a boot all over, can we?

So I have never tried the Earth Footwear sneaker but have heard constantly from the guys on twitter about their ability to burn calories. Tempted to try that one for the gym next time. So while I would not expect you to go running in these boots, unless a dog is chasing you, a boots that helps you burn calories while you walk is twofold – stylish and practical. The fact that these are not heeled means that heels-clumsy-me will actually get use out of it. The 3.7 degree incline and the arch support is what promotes the calorie burning. To some the arch may feel weird but I normally wear clogs and got used to the “natural” style of walking.

Can I say whether it burned some calories? That would be a tough one and I would have to test it out for months (which I will) and you may miss out on winning a pair of these babies in time for fall if I did that. I loved that the shoe fit like a glove so it could move with me. I need to obviously get some fashionable clothing items to go with it so I can use it more often to get the calorie burning feature going. The sole is another thing I like, there is grip on it but it is not hard. I assume that may be the shock absorber or cushioning factor.

Now a stylish boots that burns some butt, that should be enough right? Maybe to some, but Earth Footwear don’t just have the “Earth” part in their name for nothing. Being careful in the use of water-based adhesives and with the 70% recycled cushioning content that means they care for the earth and their product. Going further by having packaging  glue-less printed using soy-based inks means the “wrapper”  is just as thoughtful as the product. All Earth® shoes have something called BioStep™, which actually means the outsole actually de-composes in landfills 10x faster than regular shoes. How’s that for a step in the right direction?

Now your turn

Want to win A Pair of Earth Footwear’s Latest The Swank Boots? Valued at $149.00

To win tell me why you need this pair of boots? Contest closes 29th August 2010 . To earn extra entries, after you have left a comment, do one of the following, but make sure you leave a separate comment entry for each extra thing you do. This gives you additional ways to win the contest.

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Disclosure: Earth Footwear provided me with a pair of these boots to review and one to a lucky Mommy Niri reader as well!

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    have been shopping for boots all summer and these are almost like what I was looking at- but still love these so I can wear them when it gets colder and the ice storms hit

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    I need these boots for my 17 yr old daughter who is going back to school. She doesn’t have a pair of boots just a few pair of shoes. This would be really nice for her.

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    I need this pair of boots because I don’t own a pair of boots and I’ve been wanting a pair for some time, however, I don’t really have the extra money to spend on them right now.

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    DeeAnn S says:

    I need the Swank boots because I wanna look swanky! And I wanna decrease my butt. And I think these boots would be very functional in those snowy days that will surely be upon us very soon. I really want these boots! Thanks.

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    i need them because my husband and i do a lot of fishing and a lot of mucking around in general

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    I don’t own a pair of boots and I definitely need some after last winter and all the snow here. I love the style of these and hey, who wouldn’t want to burn some calories while looking stylish! Thank you!

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    I need these boots because summer here is about done, and I am still in flipflops!

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    I live in the Midwest where it can snow and snow and get very cold and I used rain boots last year because I couldn’t find a pair that suited me. I really think these might be the ticket or the ones I have been needing.

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    Why do I need these boots? Would because they are just too cute count? LOL!

    Really, I could use a new pair of boots for the winter, mine are really old and they are too cute.


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    I would love to win these boots! They’re stylish and I feel guilty spending $ on myself for nice things.

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    I need a pair if comfy boots. This style is perfect for my fat calves.

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    I NEED these boots because I do not have ANY fashionable boots that I can wear! Add in that they’re from Earth Footwear and will help me with my weight loss goals, and I am SO ready. THANKS for offering this giveaway!!

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    I have just been elected as vice president of the environmental club at my high school. What better way to show my commitment to the environment than by wearing earth friendly boots.

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    I am a boot lover. However, I don’t have any that are casual like this. I figure this should get me comfortably through the snowy winter outside but look stylish and feel great inside while I’m teaching. I would LOVE these boots!

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    Sarah Hirsch says:

    well, first off, i live in michigan and our winters get mighty cold, so i need these nice suede boots to keep my toes warm. and while a little extra padding in my buttocks may keep me warmer, i still like the idea that these boots will help reduce the size of my posterior because being skinny wouldn’t be so bad either!

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    I need these cause I’ve got some butt that needs burning and fall is almost here! These would be perfect for cooler weather!

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    I need this pair of boots because I have none. I wore sneakers all last winter. I’d love for my feet to be comfy- plus these shoes are cute. thanks!

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    This boots are sooo cute- given the winter we had last year in the mountains of NC, I need to be prepared.

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    I need these boots because I have NO boots at all and it seems every winter we get more snow.

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    i need them because the roof leaks in my closet and my suede boots I’ve had for like 10 years got wet and all moldy and are ruined now so I have none

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    I need to lose some baby fat, so those boots will defenitely help me in this.

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    I really need these boots for my teenage daughter who has grown out of her old boots for the winter!

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    Shawna OBrien says:

    I need these boots because I don’t have a decent pair of boots that are actually comfortable and good on my back and feet. My current boots I’ve owned for 8 years, but they hurt my feet and I really do need a new pair of boots.

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    I am a waitress and on the weekends i work the graveyard shift 11 straight hours each night. My legs and feet kill me. I need these boots to help my lower legs and feet feel better especially when i driving home pushing on the pedals in my work shoes is a nightmare. The shock absorbor sounds like it was made for me
    waitressdani (at) hotmail (dot) com

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    Stephanie Hodges says:

    I own 2 pairs of boots. They are about 10 years old. come to think of it, all my shoes/boots are over 5 years old. Only new I have is sandles ($2 sale) and work out shoes ($10 on sale). I adore boots for winter and skinny Jeans but they are so expensive v.s keeping foot on the table.

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    Jen Reivitt says:

    December, January, February, March and maybe even April in Michigan.

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    fidget says:

    would you believe ive never owned a pair of boots before? Plus, I LOVE earth shoes. My pink mary janes from them are my fave shoes ever,

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    I love Earth Footwear! I would love to try out their boots.

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    Marie says:

    As a mom constantly running after my twin preschool boys, these boots would be fab! I am such a boot girl and these sound comfortable and practcal yet stylish.

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    Marie says:

    So glad I found this blog. Just subscribed and can’t wait to read more

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    Rachel says:

    I am going back to college, after working in a professional capacity for years. I’m used to wearing super high-heeled boots that work GREAT if you’re sitting at a desk all day, then running out for lunch. However, now I’ll be tromping around campus, and could really use something well-fitted to that purpose (I also don’t want to look like I’m too old to be there, so something super cute is better). :D

  185. 185
    Donna says:

    As a new retiree I have limited income. I wear Earth shoes exclusively because the make me more stable and I don’t fall down. The only pair of shoes I haven’t replaced with Earth shoes are my boots, which I have been wearing for over 10 years. I like a slouchy, pull-on style and they haven’t been available. Now that I’m retired and my income is cut in half, I’m not sure if I will be able to afford them before they discontinue the style. I would really appreciate these boots and obviously would wear them for years. Thank you for considering my application. (I wear a size 9) Donna

  186. 186
    Autumn says:

    I need some boots because I haven’t bought a new pair of shoes in a few years. I am a woman, darnit! I need to be stylish while out with my darling daughter and handsome husband. ;)

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    Eugenie says:

    I need a pair of boots for the coming winter because I don’t have any. No heels are perfect for me because I never wear heels.

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    I need these because I rarely spend money on myself and I have been dying to own a pair of tall boots like these!

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    Tarah says:

    These would be perfect for fall and move right into our snowy Michigan winters! I love that they’re flats as well!

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    Katy M says:

    If you can believe it, I’m like you and just threw out some OLD boots and haven’t replaced them yet! So, I really need a new pair and these look cute but comfy, too!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!! :)

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    lace says:

    I need these boots to be stylish. The only boots I have are for slugging through the snow and ice and are not for fashion at all.