Bye Bye Maternity Clothing!

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So when I started the Better For BlogHer campaign with Healthy Choice I did so with a bit of a rebel attitude. No way was I going to make it easy for a product to make a difference.  So with no weighing or drastic life changes I embarked on swapping out a meal for a Healthy Choice meal. Without realizing it some weight must have dropped. No idea how much but I noticed my maternity clothing get a little loose. Yes, that is right. My youngest baby turned 3 and some of my clothing has still been maternity clothing.   Of course choosing the path of being a SAHM means you sometimes take less care and notice of yourself, but I certainly let it go too far.

I don’t want any bold declarations of where I want to go since it may be a tad overwhelming to live up to. Somehow I started getting a few observations from friends and started noticing the maternity clothes not fit great. I was en-route to buy some essentials and noticed some sweatpants on sale which I bought. I was shocked by how well they fit. Looking at my closet I felt ill. Full of maternity clothing and also pre-pregnancy clothing taunting me of a size I can probably not get into, well not soon. So I decided a clean out was in order.

Stay tuned for more of my escapades on the Better For BlogHer campaign by Healthy Choice.

Disclosure: Healthy Choice is providing me coupons for meal and a stipend to log my journey.


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    nightowlmama says:

    Oh my gosh look at those bins. That’s called littering here. your not allowed to leave things out side of the bins. We have trucks and different locations that you can drop stuff off.

    I so need to purge some clothes too.

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      Mommy Niri says:

      Yes, that made me so angry that people do that when there is a sign that says not to. Thankfully that is my husband in the picture dropping my clothing in the clothes drop slot.

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