Bloggers Hit The Today Show (Including Mommy Niri)

NEWS | | August 17, 2010 at 2:04 pm

It was at the time that invites to various parties were flowing in (note to companies – the BlogHer dates are set far in advance, leaving it until last minute to invite bloggers is not smart) and I had received an invite for The Today’s Show. I had been earlier, over a year ago to be precise, to an event with the producers of The Today Show at the launch of their book Today’s Mom so I was keen to head that way again. Since this was supposed to be a tour and a feature with 2 bloggers I was pretty skeptical.

A party is one thing but my experience with how bloggers get treated with television media was not one to cherish (read my post on the Martha Stewart Not So Blog Show). I kept thinking yeah a lil pep talk, a quickie glimpse and then they will send us packing. Not so. These guys put thought into it. They shared with us the entire experience from parading us on the promenade like celebrities, to letting us in the studio when they film the live segment (you realize that this was precious when you see how teeny that studio is and the fact that it was live so they trusted (and respected us) to act appropriately without constant nagging, and also the control room. Also making sure that guests stopped by for meets and photo-ops.

I had a few words with the social media guy and was impressed at the thought that went into that event and it was apparent that they thought highly of us (and now I think extra highly of them too). I also learned that that was the first day they had the T (for Twitter) and F(for Facebook) in the front next to the logo and also that for a company as big as The Today Show it took work to make sure legalities were in order.

We were lucky that the first picture was taken by a bloggy friend as she took a picture of her tv. Below is the video

What a fabulous experience and certainly worth getting at the studio at 7:30am for. A great way to start the Blogher10.


The video and some pictures are courtesy of  Today Show!

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    Miquel says:

    same experience, my girl also got punhsied, stand up and raised up both her hands the whole period, all because mummy see the wrong day on the time table and packed the wrong books and I have to keep apologize to my girl.

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