What Would You Allow Your Daughter To Wear To The Beach?

MY VIEWS | | July 17, 2010 at 7:26 pm

Last year I was at a beach and was surprised to see a mom standing with her daughter buck naked rinsing off the sand from one of those outside showers outside the change room. I was finding it difficult to tear my eyes away and was trying hard not to walk up to the mom of what looked like a 5 year old girl to ask her to use the bathroom inside. I saw loads of people walk past and if anyone stared I did not notice. But it bothered me. Was I a prude?

I mean yes, I am a little careful with the swimsuits I choose for my girls, and though I opt for 2 piece (only for easy use of potty) I stick to non bikini styles. Being a mama to 2 little girls and growing up slightly conservative in dressing may be coloring my view but still, are moms not worried about peering weirdos? I also noticed on a few occasions little girls not having a top at the beach and just swimming in shorts. This time it was a kid I am sure around 8. My daughters are 3 and 5 and yet I doubt I have ever taken them out without their clothes covering top and bottom. Am I just being ridiculous in thinking that it is inappropriate?

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