What Would You Allow Your Daughter To Wear To The Beach?

MY VIEWS | | July 17, 2010 at 7:26 pm

Last year I was at a beach and was surprised to see a mom standing with her daughter buck naked rinsing off the sand from one of those outside showers outside the change room. I was finding it difficult to tear my eyes away and was trying hard not to walk up to the mom of what looked like a 5 year old girl to ask her to use the bathroom inside. I saw loads of people walk past and if anyone stared I did not notice. But it bothered me. Was I a prude?

I mean yes, I am a little careful with the swimsuits I choose for my girls, and though I opt for 2 piece (only for easy use of potty) I stick to non bikini styles. Being a mama to 2 little girls and growing up slightly conservative in dressing may be coloring my view but still, are moms not worried about peering weirdos? I also noticed on a few occasions little girls not having a top at the beach and just swimming in shorts. This time it was a kid I am sure around 8. My daughters are 3 and 5 and yet I doubt I have ever taken them out without their clothes covering top and bottom. Am I just being ridiculous in thinking that it is inappropriate?


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    Sheliza says:

    I think that little girls (even little ones) should never be exposed in public. ever. Although my daughters are teens I still make sure they are wearing an appropriate swimsuit. Geez, when I was growing up my Indian mom made us wear t-shirts over our swimsuits!! You are not being ridiculous.

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    I think the mother that let her daughter be exposed like that in public needs to get her head examined. Searously as a mother it is our job to protect our children from the weardo’s not the other way around~

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    Lauralee Hensley says:

    I think you are a smart mommy and that other mother is really not aware of what can turn a pedophile on, or someone with a criminal mind to
    try and steal away that child the moment they have the opportunity.
    Keep your children covered up like you a smart mommy do, it’s just one more safety measure the smart parent takes.

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    Narendra says:

    A lot would depend upon the culture and past environment, yes but you never know who is an offender behind a face, it is not written. Even in the case of fashion, I will always choose safety.

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    James says:

    I don’t think she should of been completely naked but I don’t really see the point of keeping the top covered on girls that young. I mean they look like boys. I personally always wear a shirt in public because I see it as “if boys and girls look the same then why do only girls have to cover?” so I cover up as well because it makes no sense for me to be able to expose myself. And for what reason? Because I don’t have breasts? Neither do the little girls.

    Anyway, I had a similar experience a few years ago and I seen the same family more than once and while the parents seem normal at first glance their son never has any cloths on. This kid looks to be about 8 years old and is always naked in public. I’m sure he has to wear cloths when he goes to school so I’m not sure how at his age he ever thought it was OK to run around naked in public. And I live in California, that kind of thing isn’t common around here.

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