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Congratulations Courtney!

There are so many little summer goodness stuff that has been pouring in, and truthfully more to come. I decided to put in a post with a few products I have been looking at and even give a few of them to some lucky reader.

The package you can win is:

Episencial Sunny Sunscreen (included in giveaway)

You know that thing that you run out before you know if and lose plenty of? Then you find tons of them as you pack away for winter. The thing that makes kids run a mile when they see you approach them to smear some on but you know it is essential so you don’t give up the chase. I remember my friend making a fuss over buying me a special “safe” sunscreen for my kiddo. I wondered if there was any need for the attention since sunscreen is sunscreen, right?

Well as I am finding me look closer and closer at food ingredients (FDC colors = paint in our bodies in my opinion) I have started to peek closer into everything. The issue with most “natural” alternatives is the strength and effectiveness is sometimes compromised. In something like sun damage the importance is not even debatable. Episencial Sunny Sunscreen offers the safety of a chemical-free formula plus the added health benefits of any good skincare. According to the Environmental Working Group database of ingredients for personal care products, their all-natural formulas have among the highest safety ratings for ingredients that target sun damage and prevent sun-induced heat rash. For battling sun exposed skin, dehydration and oil-dry symptoms, Episencial Sunny Sunscreen (SPF 35) provides defense even for babies’ tender skin.

Whether it is effective is something I cannot vouch for but rely on the FDA would have taken care of those claims. What I do know is that if you are looking for not just protection but something that can be trusted to be gentle and natural this is the sunscreen for you. The fact that they have joined forces with Eric Carle, my favorite children’s author, endears me further to them.

Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers DS

The magical world of Nintendos has meant more minutes while I savor mean at a restaurant or actually having a phone meeting without interruptions. Needless to say I am always on the lookout for good games. Though our library has been packed with “girlie” games I thought this would make an interesting addition. Like bring the game inside right. There are so many variations that you can explore as you “pick up”  neighorhood games. My 5 year old had fun with actually deciding the line up order and working on the various pitches.

I am sure that those with a passion for baseball already in their family would be loving the  this extension of their love for the game to the gaming department. Those, like my family, who are slowly getting into the game will have this game as an edutainment portion. I will say though that the appeal an dexterity may be more suitable for older kids.

Sprout’s Let’s Grow: Safety First DVD (included in giveaway)

The familiar faces of Sean and Chica from The Sunny Side Up Show will present adventures with your friends Barney, Thomas the Tank Engine, Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam and Kipper.  Although guised as entertainment while subtly teaching life lessons and important safety tips.  I love that they focus on  grabbing their bicycle helmets, looking both ways and always buckling up.

Trying to get the same message across on our own to kids becomes a challenge at times and slightly naggish but with this fun video they may never even realize being educated on safety awareness.

This is part of the package you can win.

Backyard Safari Outfitters

Well if have resigned yourself to the fact that summer also means bug time and you have your little explorer already filling your favorite container with bugs you may want to invest in the garb and equipment. As much as it promotes exploration it also keeps them away from your stuff.

There is nothing like actually dressing the part to get into discovering what is out in your backyard. Heck my kiddos found fun even inside with all the ants around my home. Of course, even with the bug vacuum, ants are still a little fast. I loved the vacuum for its gentleness but that also means the bugs can escape easier (Ewww).

I am all in favor of having something else, other than princesses, for my kids to aspire. Even if it is just a bug catcher!

Summer Bridge Activities Workbook (included in giveaway)

So you can’t really think “summer” without a tiny bit of you wondering if they are losing precious knowledge in that time. I find some parents focus so much on activities and so little on academic it is scary. A balance is always important. Anyway we have always used workbooks in my home, and I love that while it keeps the kid engaged, she is also learning.

The Summer Bridge makes it so much easier with having it broken done by day and section. So in Day 1 you cover reading, writing, math and language skills. There are fun activities but these activities meet national standards, recommended by teachers and designed by parents.

We will be using them this summer but not necessarily in the order they mention. The flashcards and stickers are a nice add on to lend some variety to the mix. You can win 3 workbooks.

Life-Prints – its a Child ID software (included in giveaway)

Summer may be a time of relaxation but it also can be a time where you catch up on things you don’t really want to catch up on. Know what I mean? Some things we hate to think about but we need to. Life-Prints makes it a tad easier when dealing with various not so nice episodes. I love that it is in a handy flash drive so it is much easier to carry around or store securely. Here are the features:

Like Child ID – Be Prepared to respond quickly if your child ever becomes lost or missing. No-one wants to think about it but should it happen at least we can speedy about it.

Medical Records – Securely store, organize and print all your vital medical records and information

Secure Document Storage – Store, organize, categorize, view, print and protect virtually any document, record, report, photo, video or digital file. U.S. Government rated “Top Secret” AES-256 Encryption.

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