Motorola’s Latest Hands-Free Device – H17txt With Motospeak (Giveaway)!

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Congratulations Carol Y.

So you know I got the new iPhone and until then text messages were just messages (and actually whined about receiving since my payment plan charged an arm and a leg for each one) I received and barely sent out. More so because my fat fingers could never type properly and my old phone did not make it easy.

I know campaigns about not texting while driving etc were all about and I agreed with them but also (silently) worried whether it was such a big deal. Then I got the iPhone 4, and life is all about texting, DM’ing, Twitpic’ing etc became easier. Then every traffic light and traffic jam became a place for me to send a message and I realized. This. stuff. is. addictive.

Worse it is dangerous. My (over) confidence in my driving skills let me believe I can text/call and drive. No! Those little “oops’ moments is going to cost someone something. Time for me to kick the habit before it becomes a habit. Back in South Africa, 11 years ago when I left there, it was already the law that in a car you cannot use a mobile phone without a hands free kit. I know that it came faster in effect there because the majority of motorists have manual transmission cars. With automatic transmission eating, shaving (yup I have seen people do that) and speaking on phones have all become part and parcel of a life at a faster pace.

Although I am tweeter more than a text-er I could see that text-ing makes sense for everyone who does not tweet. Enter Motorola’s Latest Hands-Free Device – H17txt With Motospeak! This device reads text messages directly into the headset.

By removing external noise you can focus on listening to the text message. The voice prompts assist so there is no more fumbling with buttons as you use it.  That also means you can listen to streaming music or audio from your phone. The ability to flip open to speak and closed for done is due to the RapidConnect feature. I am still a newbie and slowly appreciating the features. Maybe it is high time I let my buddies know I am open for text messages so I can test out more. Although it feels funky wearing something on my ear, not because of the design which is really contoured, but more because it is something I am not used to. In the interest of safety on the road I will be making a concerted effort too. You should too.

To help how about Mommy Niri give one away too?

Want to win Motorola’s Latest Hands-Free Device – H17txt With Motospeak ? (valued at $99.99)

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