Despicable Me – I’ve Seen It And … (Giveaway – 3 winners).

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Congratulations John, Michelle, Dawn!

I swear I have been going crazy inside as I have seen the special screening of the movie Despicable Me on June 10th and have been asked to remain hushed about it until recently. I remember being only mildly excited about going to see the movie. Oh, don’t get me wrong, this mama loves movies but the screening was 7pm. Add to that a 3 year old who fights naptime like a banshee and starts a meltdown by 5pm and you get a pretty adventurous picture. I kept on flip-flopping on it all day and hubby calmly (which I seriously drives me crazy) and innocently (I have another word to describe it but I am trying to be kind) said it would be fine.

I try to psyche up the girls with little teaser clips on youtube but I had already resigned myself to having to bribe them with soda, snacks and candy and still having to escort a screaming kid out of the theater. I was confident that I would miss the ending. Anyway we get to the movies, by the way I love having press passes and reserved (and best) seats – which my daughters loved, and are passed 3D glasses (how did I not know that it was 3D movie – oh, yes I was stressing about the kids). Except for the glasses being a tad big for the kids – I wish they had adult and kid sizes, the kids sat glued to their seats.

SuperBad SuperDad Gru

I will skimp on giving you the lowdown on the movie as I don’t want any spoilers here. Gru is the villain character – was a great way for me to talk about these characters earlier with my kids, and forever trying to keep his status. He is pretty much bumbling and that makes him pretty difficult to take as harmful. Also a bit out of his prime makes it hard to for him to have the edge. So while he creates ways to get funding for his new masterful plan – a clue it deals with the moon- he finds himself taking in his custody 3 little girl orphans.

Loved The Minion Mania

Ok, so having 2 little girls myself we so identified with this theme and all the escapades that followed. The girls experimented with their first 3D movie. Slipping off the glasses and then back on to see the difference. The adventure and excitement existed but not too much for the kids to swallow. The characters were pretty likable and unlike most animated movies apparently aimed at children but laced with adult (and I mean adult for puns not racy adult) the humor here was not above the average kid. Well, except for the Lehman dig – oops you see I did not want to say anything here to give anything away. Did I love the movie? Absolutely in a way I never expected. We saw the entire movie which was a credit in itself. And guess what? I plan to watch it again when it releases on July 9th. Oh, did I mention the minions? There are oodles of these characters “working” for Gru and the most adorable characters yet. I predict that you will be seeing these guys everywhere.

Want to win a Despicable Me (minions) package?

Prize includes:

  • Youth T-Shirt
  • Youth Hat
  • Moo-Can (it Moos!)
  • Pencil with Minion Topper
  • Balloon
  • Minion Stamp

To win tell me what would you name a minion? Contest closes 11th July 2010 . To earn extra entries, after you have left a comment, do one of the following, but make sure you leave a separate comment entry for each extra thing you do. This gives you additional ways to win the contest.

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Disclosure: I received tickets to watch the preview screening to Despicable Me!

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    Tamona says:

    My minion would be LaChica DeLooney! She would be crass, lack all ability to shut up, and have no control of bodily functions at the most inappropriate times lol!

  3. 3
    Tamona says:

    I re-tweeted this awesome giveaway. You are so lucky to have seen this. My kids would give their only mom to see this movie lol!

  4. 4
    karen M says:

    kids voted on Tibs

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    Saumya says:

    I would name him Crew

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    I would call my Minion Tiny.

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    I would name my minion Carl.

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    Christi says:

    I would definitely name my minion Butterball. Just seems like it fits.

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    Janna M says:

    This review makes me want to see the movie. Thanks!
    I would name my minion Bob.

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    Christi says:

    I’m already a subscriber!

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    Christi says:

    And I have Retweeted. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I’d love to win.

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    Janna M says:

    Oh and I really want the moo can. I loved those things when I was a kid although it will probably annoy me now. :-)

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    It would be stinky,cause there would be a trail everywhere and I’d be hard to lose.

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    Tawnda says:

    Schmuck ;-) (leave it to my daughter… )

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    I’d name a minion…Stan

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    Denise says:

    I would name him Shorty.

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    We would name a minion Daddy. At least that is what my five year old just said! :)

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    lol i would name it Nute the name of my first dog who went to doggy heaven in 1998:(

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    Debbie W. says:

    Naturally I would call it “Koala”. That would almost be expected from me. :)

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    Ariel L says:

    I would name my minion Maneki Neko. I love those kitties and I think it’s a cute name =3

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    I’d name mine Durango – don’t ask me why.

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    I’m an email subscriber.

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    Ellie W says:

    I would name my minion Jimminy.

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    Monique Rizzo says:

    Mine would be Speck.
    Thanks for the chance.

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    Stacy says:

    How about Shorty?

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    Reginald S says:

    How about Phil A. Minion?

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    I would name him Marvin.

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    How about Cappy.

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    Mr. Blipper

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    Mine would be Sparky.

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    Can’t wait to see the movie!

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    I would name a minion George.

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    I would name my minion Oog.

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    I would name him Mini the Minion hehe. Thanks for the chance!

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    I like the name “Phil A. Minion”

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    I’d name my minion Igor after the classic Frankenstein novel :)

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    Rylee A says:

    his name would be Brutus.

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    Lisa says:

    My minion would be Alex

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    Lisa says:

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    Paula Hafner says:

    I would name one Elvin.

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    Mine would be Tee.

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    I would name it BoPalex

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    I would name my minion Earl!

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    Grimers sounds fun. Thanks!

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    Stephanie Hodges says:

    I would name him DD, aka: Doe-Doe. He would be the less educated one that seemed to always fix and get things right (get the credit). In that, would drive the other “smart” minion’s crazy who would do everything in their power to get glory. They would always try to use him to their advantage/their own benefit but always back fires on them.

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    I follow you on facebook. My grandson would go wild for this

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    My minion would have to be named Butch – all cute but bad minions are Butch to me

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    I would name my minion Earl

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    mine would be little gio

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    Just saw the movie yesterday. It was pretty good, especially the ending.