Better For BlogHer: Diet Starts Monday!

NEWS | | July 20, 2010 at 8:34 pm

Well actually Wednesday. Make that a Wednesday a few weeks ago. Or rather getting healthy not dieting 2 weeks ago.

When I was contacted about attending a luncheon at BlogHer by Healthy Choice I accepted. Then I was offered to be part of a program about getting healthy by BlogHer. I have seen those posts about what to wear for BlogHer. Most annoy me as I love being a blogger so I can dress how I want and some irritate me because I have never got back to my pre-pregnancy size.

Anyway Healthy Choice offered me coupons to use their products during my challenge.  So far I have been playing the rebel. Trying not to make drastic changes but slow ones.  The biggest impact of this initiative has been (so far) is that I have had to take a second look at what I eat. Seems little but trust me that has stopped me from one too many infamous pizza slices at the birthday parties (and since I attend several this is a real sore point).

So the journey begins. I will not weigh myself, not yet at least.

Disclosure: Healthy Choice is providing me coupons for meal and a stipend to log my journey.

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