An Ode To My Old Phone (And Hello iPhone 4)!

MY VIEWS | | July 12, 2010 at 7:13 pm

I waited for the day. May 25th. I did. It was the day my phone contract expired. I was riding out my contract and trying hard not to be frustrated with my phone. So while I will be sure to share several posts about my new iPhone 4 – I wanted to bid farewell to my old phone (scroll to the bottom to see photo suggestions of this) .

To my old flip phone,
who did not deal well with me being accident prone.
I hate that every time you took a fall,
and every time you dropped my call,
I began to lose faith in you,
and began to dream of something new.
Remember how you showed your lack of abilities at a conference,
as I looked at you like a dinosaur appliance?
Sometimes you would just die,
and as I resuscitate you I would cry.
Sure you came back to life,
but you sure made me a whiny wife.
In the last few months even your hinges began to croak,
and I was scared that you had broke.
Oh, not because I loved you,
but really needed you around until my contract was due.
So long my razr buddy
I have a new friend who is not so cruddy!


So while I will be posting (boasting) about my new iPhone abilities, I wanted to figure out how to get “rid” of my old phone. So I was thinking…


I meant to add this before but like everything in my life, I just forgot. Thanks to all the emails, comments and tweets I am updating this post to include the disclosure below:

Disclosure: No phone, old or new, was (or will be) hurt in the crafting of this blog post.


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