An Ode To My Old Phone (And Hello iPhone 4)!

MY VIEWS | | July 12, 2010 at 7:13 pm

I waited for the day. May 25th. I did. It was the day my phone contract expired. I was riding out my contract and trying hard not to be frustrated with my phone. So while I will be sure to share several posts about my new iPhone 4 – I wanted to bid farewell to my old phone (scroll to the bottom to see photo suggestions of this) .

To my old flip phone,
who did not deal well with me being accident prone.
I hate that every time you took a fall,
and every time you dropped my call,
I began to lose faith in you,
and began to dream of something new.
Remember how you showed your lack of abilities at a conference,
as I looked at you like a dinosaur appliance?
Sometimes you would just die,
and as I resuscitate you I would cry.
Sure you came back to life,
but you sure made me a whiny wife.
In the last few months even your hinges began to croak,
and I was scared that you had broke.
Oh, not because I loved you,
but really needed you around until my contract was due.
So long my razr buddy
I have a new friend who is not so cruddy!


So while I will be posting (boasting) about my new iPhone abilities, I wanted to figure out how to get “rid” of my old phone. So I was thinking…


I meant to add this before but like everything in my life, I just forgot. Thanks to all the emails, comments and tweets I am updating this post to include the disclosure below:

Disclosure: No phone, old or new, was (or will be) hurt in the crafting of this blog post.


  1. 1


    I hope you donated it :-) so many good things.

    I am trying not to be envious of your 4 ;-) I hope you got the little slip cover that goes around the edge ;-)

  2. 2

    LOL! And you are poet too!! There is no end to your talent! :) Enjoy your new phone. I like the tire option the best but like Rachel, I hope you donated it. :)

  3. 3

    I laughed….not only because it is funny – but because I UNDERSTAND. Right now, I am waiting out a contract…..just a few more weeks and I, too, will be an iPhone girl. You will have to teach me the ropes :)

  4. 4
    LordHits says:

    You may have to do this to your new iphone too when it keeps dropping your calls. ;)

  5. 5
    Jessica says:

    Not sure if I should admit this, but I have that exact phone STILL. LOL! I have to tell you, it is dropped at least 5x per week and has never stopped working for me in almost 5 years. Crazy, huh? Yes, it is a dinosaur but my network (Verizon) doesn’t work w/ iphone. :(

  6. 6
    Lindsay says:

    I strongly encourage you to donate that old phone. I know it has been a nightmare for you, but they can be fixed up and put to good use. You can donate them through most phone stores and they go to women in domestic violence situations because even without a contract they can dial 911 so you could be saving a life of a woman and or a child. There is also a program called Cell Phones For Soldiers:

    They sell your old phone to a recycler and then they use the money to buy phones or calling cards to give to active servicemembers at war or in hospitals so they can contact their families without spending inordinate amounts of time. This program was actually started by two teenage siblings and its truly inspiring.

    So think about giving your phone a last minute stay of execution and allow it to do good works instead!

  7. 7

    Hooray for the new iPhone! You’re gonna love it. I’m in the queue for the 4 myself, a b-day present from my dad. He’s doing it selfishly because he wants someone else to use FaceTime with. :-)

  8. 8
    Kris Cain says:

    LOL!! So funny. Congrats on your new iPhone. :) Personally, I am not upgrading my 3Gs until probably the next version iPhone or until the get the current issues worked out.

    Make sure that you get a good case for that! The back is covered in glass and folks have broken them already. Doh!

  9. 9

    LOL! Those pictures are hilarious!

  10. 10

    I managed to get one of the very first iphones and have absolutely been soooo proud of it. Now that iphone4 was out I am thinking about upgrading, but not with this blunder that Apple produced! I can’t believe they could be so stupid!

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