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Congratulations Heather

So I have spent most of my life in technology and with hubby and I coming from engineering backgrounds. What you will be surprised to learn is that we don’t have a ton of gadgets in our home. Truthfully to us the collection of devices just simply for the sake of it being a trend is really a waste and show-off sign. Which is not to say we don’t adopt new devices but we always weigh in the benefits. It took us forever to get a flat screen tv as we figured our old one worked just fine. We are finally going the iPhone route but only after much deliberation. I have never sought a product until I saw the iGo Anywhere charger.

I was at the Sandbox Summit earlier a month ago and I was using my iTouch and crazing tweeting and my battery, obviously, started to run out. A fellow blogger walked in and just offered another person this gadget to charge her iPhone. So she just connected her iPhone to a small box like device and voila – charging. I just watched in amazement. Anyone else here questions changing phones and having to buy a new home charger and car charger? Anyone else sick of a million devices to charge, each with their unique point? Who else has wires in their bedroom (only safe place away from my kiddo’s reach) that looks like a mess?

I immediately knew that this was a product I needed. Here’s 2 amazing ways it helps. When you need to actually charge your device from an outlet you don’t need to carry all those chargers, just the tips. The tips are there to match your various devices and connect to the usb port. So just carry the small tips and you can get charging anywhere. Another awesome feature is that you charge the little unit and it is like a spare battery. So now you are sitting in a plane and you can charge your device straight from the unit without using a power source.

Concerning yourself with voltage requirements is handled by the tip which regulates the low. That also means that you don’t need a converter for traveling overseas. Just when you think you heard it all they have laptop charger tips too. Although I did not receive those to try out this is awesome. I really love the whole idea of having a spare “battery” in my bag for everything (I sure could have used it at the Martha Stewart show). Auto charger is another wonderful feature that exists though I did not get to test out. I love that you get to build the unit as you like. I am always trying to get spare chargers and this way I will always have one. The only thing that may ever drive me crazy is keeping those small tips. I would have loved some little ring to it and having it keyring like to maintain them all. As a mama with little knick-knacks keeping track of the little tips may become a tad difficult – that keyring like device I mentioned would be awesome.

This is Charge Anywhere retails for $49.99 and tips on average of $10 (some less and some more). Did I forget to add that the plug point actually folds in so it really becomes sleek and easy to carry around? I really do love it. When gadgets make our life easier it is just smart to own them.

Now you know Mommy Niri, I believe in sharing.

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Disclosure: I received the iGo Anywhere to review.

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