Tim Gunn Puts Bloggers To The Designer Test (ala Project Runway Style)!

NEWS | | June 15, 2010 at 11:36 am

So I am in Cincinnati and I am totally behind in blogging but I had to do a quick post about my night. I am here to attend Fabric Care University  but we started off with a fun event. Tim Gunn  put the 20 somewhat bloggers in attendance to a designer test.

Basically “Project Runway” style we were divided into 5 teams and had to re-design a plain white t-shirt. Before us was a surprise bag of goodies we were supposed to us. It was a sight to see as bloggers confidently took to the challenge and smart designs erupted 30 minutes later. To add to my delight, not that taking part was not awesome enough, my team actually won. Maybe it was something about our entry having no bits of white shirt showing or we cut up the bag they provided to use as part of the trim but what a fabulous experience. I have to add the Tim Gunn is simply the sweetest and nicest guy ever making sure he spoke to each of us at length.

Here is a video with Tim Gunn explaining the rules.

Just take a look at our creations below. Amazing right? Just bear in mind we are bloggers so go easy on the critique. My team’s design is the yellow and blue front with lacy back.

Here is Tim Gunn announcing the winner;

And here is the winning team.

A final message from Tim Gunn to the readers of Mommy Niri!

Disclosure: My travel and accommodation expenses were paid as I was in Cincinnati for a Tide event!

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