The Touchscreen Handheld From VTech – MobiGo (Giveaway)

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Congratulations Christi!

I had not been a huge VTech fan. I mean I liked it ok but there was stuff about the design that never made it my favorite brand. So when I caught a glimpse of their new product at the Sandbox Summit a few weeks ago I was shocked. I loved it. Gone was a the annoying “abcd” keyboard and in the the awesome “qwerty” keyboard. Sounds trivial to you? Well remember this, kids go from toys straight to computers so changing the keyboards can make it darn confusing to any little bugger.

Then we were sent one to take a peek at. My girls have been fighting (and I mean fighting) over a Nintendo and I wanted my 3 year old to play with the Nintendo but how do I say this – she is not very delicate in how she treats stuff. Enter the Mobi-Go and the look and feel were perfect for her little hands. The plastic at the edges were rubbery, so they protected from bumps, and it also meant they were easy to grip.

The touchscreen just brings the next generation of technology to my preschoolers and I love it. No more messing up mama’s iTouch yet thanks to the iTouch they understood immediately when I said the screen was touchscreen. What I love about children’s games is that they are highly “forgivable” – in that if you are in the vicinity it gives you the benefit of the doubt.

So just like some texting or mobile devices you slide, and I mean slide, the screen and it props up the screen revealing a qwerty keyboard underneath. We just had the basic cartridge that came with the game but there were several games on it. Everything from musical to spelling. Did I mention the games were educational? Yes, that alone could win this mama’s heart.

The MobiGo releases June 7th online and also at Toys R Us. It is aged 3- 8years old (perfect for my 3 and 5 year old girls) and retails at $59.99

The next part?

Want to Win The Touchscreen Handheld MobiGo from VTech?

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Disclosure: I received the MobiGo  to review!



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    I love that you can learn and play with the MobiGo…can’t really do that with a PSP. My son would have a blast!

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    Samantha kanott says:

    My son is a computer whiz at 4. He would absolutley LOVE this

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    My daughter also uses my iTouch so I’d love this so I can reclaim my ‘toy’.

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    I would like to win b/c unlike the other handheld electronic games my kids use, this is actually educational. Thanks!

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    I like the fact that the games are educational.

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    This would be great to have for my boy to be entertained and educated at the same time.

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    This looks so perfect to keep achild entertained in the car, what a great device..


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    great educational games- -gotta love this

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    Gail Pisani says:

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    Jennifer R says:

    I would love to win this for my children who love vtech products.

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    i would love to have this for my grand daughter. she is really smart but this would help make her smarter

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