So I Bought My 1st Coach Bag!

MY VIEWS | | June 13, 2010 at 9:23 pm

I sucked up all the doubts and I just bought the bag. Well to be clear I walked in the store and walked out and then went back and bought it. I have been waiting for it for a long time. In fact about a year ago I hosted a contest for this very same bag for BlogHer. In fact it was on the way to this conference that my bag woes began, with having 2 bags break on me in a short space of time. In fact I was lucky enough to win a bag at the Aiming Low Party. Although that bag was very sexy and businessy – I could not my camera in it. I do love it though.

Recently I reviewed the Pouchee bag organizer and I lamented my struggle to get a bag I wanted. I have a DSLR – a red sexy Pentax one, but hate carrying 2 bags. Some people get away with carrying several bags, me I just look clumsier than usual. But I needed something that said style, since I am too busy (lazy) to make the effort. So today armed with giftcards I have been saving before which almost paid for half the bag, I got it.

When the lady at the counter asked if I needed a cleaner I worried that man do I need to stress about something else to clean. They they gave me the bag in a fancy bag protector and I began to get nervous as to what I was getting myself into. I asked my two little girls to describe the bag and this is what they said “pretty”, “pink”, “beautiful”, “perfect” – yeah they had the “p” thing going and then “enormous”. I would have minded the last statement but I know that it was 1) true and 2) what I needed.

I feel a mixture of guilt, euphoria and more guilt – at spending on myself. It should be easier than this to splurge on ourself, right?


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    T Dhillon says:

    I love it – as my 7 year old niece would say “Oooohhhh Maasi that a beautiful bag”

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    Coach bags really do last a long time. One of mine lasted for 12 years that I recently retired only because I snagged the stitching by the handle. If you go to a Coach outlet, you can catch really good deals. They often have a 50% off section and lately, they’ve been handing out 20% off entire purchase coupons at the door and publishing them on the Web.

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    Congratulations – so happy to see you went for it and picked the HOT PINK!

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    Jennifer B says:

    wow! I love the color so pretty! I hope you enjoy it!

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    Jersey Mom says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with spending on yourself if you’re not in debt and am able to pay for it in cash. =)

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    Frugalista says:

    Coach is a good brand and the bags last. If you have problems with the bag, the company fixes it. I’m still wearing Coach bags that I bought in college.

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    Rhea says:

    Very very cute! You won’t regret it. I’ve had my Coach bag for almost 3 years now. I use it daily and I still get compliments on it. They are well worth the price tag. Congratulations. :)

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    Norma says:

    Hi! Good for you! To help you with the guilt: there are bags that cost upwards of $1,500 to $2,000…perhaps you can look at it as a deal! And it will definitely last you a long time. I notice that some people (especially restaurant & dept. store staff, etc.) are much more attentive when I have a nice bag. That’s another column… :)

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    Sky says:

    That bag is gorgeous! Do you still love it now?

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