So I Am A Keynote Speaker At Evo Conference – The Evolution Of Women In Social Media!

NEWS | | June 12, 2010 at 12:57 pm

In less than 2 weeks I will be heading to Utah for what already appears to be an amazing conference presented by Jyl from Mom It Forward and Rachael from Today’s Mama. The Evo Conference – The evolution of women in social media 0r in a way that’s easier to grasp – summer bootcamp for bloggers. They not only have an amazing group of inspiring speakers (imagine a mix of people Oprah and PBS Kids and many more brands amongst bloggers) but also amazing workshops. Truthfully it was tough to choose but a photography workshop which includes a gondola ride is tough to beat. You only have to look at the sessions to know that these guys wanted to focus on something other than have a group of bloggers saying the same stale line “Just blog to be yourself!”.

The fact that I don’t know many of the speakers itself makes it exciting to know that I will be meeting, and learning from, new people. Of course knowing that many of my buddies will be there is equally exciting. I can see us spending spending time yakking at night, which also means less sleep.

I hope you can make it. Register today!


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