Pigtail Pals: T-Shirts That Promote Positive Messages For Girls!

REVIEWS | | June 9, 2010 at 8:51 pm

I have 2 little girls. I come from a home of 5 girls. It would be really safe to say that I am naturally aware of women and the way they are treated, or rather mistreated at times. The reason alone that there were 5 girls in my home was the “hope” from elders that we would hit a luck and have a boy at some point. Nothing like making you feel second rate than to feel like the 4th born whose birth probably brought sighs of “Oh, no!” Yes, clearly being a female and doing it on her own has been very important to me.

The throngs of images projected daily to females kind of seals your role in society. I see it so often a doll for your girl but a boy get an electronic toy computer. Think I am making a big deal of nothing? I was a software engineer for 12 years and I barely remember many females in the department. In fact often I was the only one. My issue with princesses? Not with the princesses but more of the issue of them needing a prince to be complete. Anyway let me get off my soap box and share with you a favorite find.

Pigtail Pals is a company focused on that image of girls. Making it positive and breaking barriers which they achieve with simple statements across t-shirts. Examples like an astronaut, carpenter, car-race driver, director, pilot to just name a few. The text beneath them is no less snazzy and smart – “I drive like a girl”, “I broke a nail”, “Act like a lady” and my favorite “Don’t fight with girls” – that one was for the military girls. It is not just for products, but owner Melissa Wardy steps up the pace to support causes, she created a shirt for Anissa and donated the proceeds, She gave a shirt to raffle off at the Moms Nite Out/End Child Hunger rally and she chooses a charity of the month.

Recently my daughters got to review the shirts themselves, check out the video for what they have to say. I loved the message so much and had to buy one for myself – yes they have adult T’s too. Of course with my 2 girls I had to own the “Don’t Fight with girls” shirt. It is a shirt I have worn on several occasions and with much pride. It may not be rocket science with the most amazing designs of clothing, in fact I did wish the 3 year old size was slightly little thicker in fabric, but the 5 year old one and mine were great. The designs not overwhelming or loud in your face. They were subtle, not in your face but the message was clear. The quality of the prints were good, and not only survived wash after wash but did not fade at all.

So if you know a little girl I suggest you spread the message. Not only do these T’s make a unique gift, their sales support a charity. These shirts may not change the world but if they could increase the self-esteem of one little girl then they are worth their weight in gold. Go on, get a few.

Disclosure: I was provided with 2 shirts for my girls. I paid for my shirt on my own.


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