Meet Kamran Siddiqi, The 18 Year Old Food Blogger!

INTERVIEWS | | June 30, 2010 at 9:33 pm

While I was attending The Martha Stewart Show I met Kamran Siddiqi, a very young food blogger who writes at  The Sophisticated Gourmet Normally surrounded by conversation revolving around diapers and school it was refreshing to see Kamran. For someone so young I am continuously impressed by the quality of his blog and the professionalism of his demeanor.

When did you start blogging, and why?

I actually started blogging four years ago. My parents separated and I felt like I needed to vent my feelings. Journals were getting lost, when we moved around, so I decided that I would just share my life on my own little part of the web. I didn’t tell anyone about that blog, except for a few close friends. About 20 people read the blog, but never really commented. Once I began writing about food, it all went on from there, people (mostly friends) began encouraging me to start up a blog about food. That’s exactly what I did on April 18th, 2009. I started up a food blog, not really expecting people to read it- or to even try my recipes. I was proven wrong after my second or third post. People poured in, and so did good friends! Food blogging has truly changed my life.

What is a 18 year-old doing spending his time blogging, instead of having fun?

You’ll be surprised to learn that school and blogging aren’t my life. I’m always testing recipes and reading other blogs when I have time, but I am always hanging out with friends, traveling, spending time with family, and enjoying life.

Do you feel like you are on the outskirts with the surge of mom bloggers?

Honestly, I do not feel like that at all. I am not food blogging to compete, make money, see who has more traffic than their competitors, or try to force people to recognize that I am a teen food blogger and they absolutely need to read my blog. I am blogging to learn and to make new friends that share the same passion for food that I have; when people read my blog, try my recipes, send me kind emails, and do anything and everything to make me feel wanted, I always sleep well at night to know that people actually appreciate my work.

What do you do when a parent (or some elder) gives you a meal not up to snuff- do you say anything or eat it?

Honestly, when I told my all of my friends and family that I had a food blog, they began being very conscious of what they fed me, or they’d tell me, “I’m sure it’s not as amazing as yours, but ___ like(s) it a lot.” Whenever people say that to me, I cannot help but laugh. I am a food blogger- not a food critic! I’ve still had my share of meals not up to par; usually I always take a little bit of something that someone cooks, taste it, and if I like it, I take more. If not, I just move on to other dishes that they cooked. I am usually honest to the person who has given me the meal, and ninety-five percent of the time- the food is usually delicious!

What is your best meal – not cooked by you?

This is by far the toughest question to answer because I am constantly eating great things, but I am going to say that the best meal I’ve ever had was the one for my 15th birthday at an Afghani restaurant, here in New York. I was around family and our laughter and conversations truly made that meal a blast!

What is the best meal you’ve ever made?

Honestly, I don’t know. You’d have to ask my family about that, but they do express a lot of love for my lasagna and homemade ravioli.

What is your most prized appliance?

I would have said our KitchenAid, but I love our oven far more than our mixer. Without our oven, you wouldn’t see 75% of the recipes up on my site- our oven is practically running 24/7 and we like it that way!

What is one ingredient that you cannot live without?

Tough one. I would say flour. Why? Because it’s a very precious ingredient in baking; whenever I place my fingers in flour, it’s as if I am having some sort of religious experience- I am compelled to bake anything and everything I can.

What do you love to do when not studying, blogging, or cooking?

Besides taking photos and writing, I love running, swimming, boating, hanging out with my friends, and tweeting!

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