Heading To Evo? Tiny Prints And Mommy Niri May Have Something For You!

NEWS | | June 23, 2010 at 8:49 pm

So you have already heard that Mommy Niri will be speaking at Evo, but there is more awesome news to share. Tiny Prints is actually helping get Mommy Niri to Utah for the conference. I am actually proud that Tiny Prints have decided to pay part of my conference expenses. I have been extremely careful about advertisers and sponsors that I deal with. Reviewing a company’s products is one thing but having them sponsor you means you have to be proud of speaking about them. It is also the reason you won’t find loads of company buttons on my sidebar – flashing like Christmas tree. If you see something there on Mommy Niri sidebar, know I stand behind it.

A while back at Blogalicious I was introduced to the quality of Tiny Prints and I was pleasantly surprised not just by the quality of the products, I mean they have that, but that they had Diwali cards. It might seem like nothing to you but when you have been a minority all your life you appreciate anyone noticing something from your heritage.

Now back to the conference and the amazing treats we have in store for you. I will have 5 Gift Cards, you read that right F-I-V-E Gift Cards to Tiny Prints for $25. Now want to know how to get your hands on one?

If you are headed to Evo conference make sure you find me. I will be handing out Mommy Niri cards , courtesy of Tiny Prints, and they will have #’s on each of them. On Thursday I will be drawing a winning # and tweeting it. Find me if you have that # and I will give you the Tiny Prints gift card. Friday will have 2 winners and Saturday will have 2 winners as well. You know what the best part of this whole adventure will be? Getting to meet you!

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