Friday 5: 5 Tips To Help At Home As You Head To That Conference!

FRIDAY 5 | | June 19, 2010 at 8:04 am

So next week this time I will be speaking at Evo Conference in Utah. I am both excited and anxious. Excited as the conference is amazing and anxious as I will be away for 5 days. You read that right: 5days. To save on flights I am traveling the day before and after the conference with a red-eye thrown in. The only awesome thing about the travel is that I fly Jet Blue, which happens to be my all time favorite airline.  Although The Papa Post had some advice in How To Hold Down The Fort While Mom Goes To A Blog Conference, mine are a little more , uhmmm real!Here is this week’s dose of Friday 5:

  • Leave a message! – I know how much the kids can sense your void, especially if you are SAHM so it would be great to leave a few messages or notes. Always a pleasant surprise to your child. I am planning to make a video for each day with me reading a different story. It may make them look forward to bedtime, ok, maybe not. Know when the kids will hit a low point and try to schedule in calls home.
  • Have babysitting backup/s. – I will be rallying all of my friends and some of their kids to try and cover angles and also decrease the load and burnout on just one person.
  • Take food off the table. – I will be ordering food from a local lady who cooks the healthiest but tastiest food. I may cook some food and leave too. By arranging a few meals you take off the pressure from having to cook every meal plus takeout is not really something you want the kids to live on. I would suggest a small page on the fridge with reminders of meal and snack selections. As easy as they may seem to you, other people (or hubby) may not be able to think on the fly.
  • Ease off the extracurricular activities. Now is not the time to try new activities and I have moved out some activities too to simplify the whole routine. Keep it light and easy. That being said make sure there is some activities planned – you know the saying “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop” is totally true. Whether it is a new craft, movie or game keep a few ready.
  • Schedule some (good) surprises. Have no doubt a tantrum will erupt. Also know that if you are the primary person with the kids normally the other person may not have the inside details to turn things around. So may be great to hide a few toys and crafts around the place.

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