Friday 5: 5 Ridiculous Responses After Being Told I Am From South Africa!

FRIDAY 5 | | June 10, 2010 at 9:54 pm

Friday 5 series is not dead but I will be posting only when I really feel the urge to (rather than compelled based on timing). The World Cup soccer is being held in South Africa and I am more than nostalgic at this exciting news.

  • But where is South Africa? What is the name of the country? – No really people have asked me this so many times it is actually¬†embarrassing. You would think the name South Africa itself would be a clue in itself, wouldn’t you? The only other thing more irritating is the reference to Africa as a country instead of a continent. The sadder thing is a fellow South African doing his MBA at Harvard actually found that reference even in his Harvard material.
  • Oh, I know someone from Kenya! – That’s right I am supposed to know people from other countries in Africa. That is like telling people in USA that you know someone in Canada or Mexico.
  • Do you have elephants in your street? – People it is a safari where you see the elephants and lions and… Out of frustration I have began telling people that yes I keep them as pets. Hey if you are silly enough to believe that, you actually deserve it.
  • Wow you speak English! – Contrary to popular belief many people, even in 3rd world countries do speak English. And some of us do a pretty good job at it too.
  • You don’t look South African. – I am not sure what South African is supposed to look. South Africa is not called a rainbow nation for nothing.

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