Why I Won’t Let Someone Make Me Feel Like I Don’t Belong!

MY VIEWS, SOCIAL MEDIA | | May 11, 2010 at 8:12 pm

I was at an event in NYC earlier in the year when a blogger, who identified enough with me (I am glad she did) and confided “Don’t you hate these things where you feel left out!”. I answered no. Many of the famous bloggers would, I am sure, want only the top people in their presence. When you are a lil old blogger trying to find your footing it can be intimidating. Add to that a person of color and you could so easily dig a trench around you.

I shared with her something I am about to share with you. While I lived in South Africa I had to move from Durban to Johannesburg to start my career as a software engineer (for distance think Boston and DC) and there was a hip new club (Caesar’s Palace I think). Only thing was the law was just lifted to allow people of color in the club. Needless to say the number of people of color in the club I could have counted on one hand, and still have fingers to spare. At first I did notice the glares and stares and did for a moment want to get out of there. But then I thought, the law has been passed, deal with it!

I will not let someone make me uncomfortable in a place I have every right to be!

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