What Do Mom Bloggers Want For Mother’s Day?

MY VIEWS | | May 7, 2010 at 9:10 pm

I have been back and forth trying to figure out what I wanted for Mother’s Day so I thought this would be the perfect time to ask some of my favorite online (and offline) friends.

Allison McDonald

What do I want for Mother’s Day this year? Well it’s too soon to ask to be in labour, although you better believe I hope that is what my husband gets for father’s day! For me this year I think I would like a nice weekend of family time with my son and husband before our little family of three turns into a family of four. I savor this time, whether we are out for lunch, at the playground or having a family “date” as my son calls it at Starbucks. I just want to soak it up . If that’s not possible a Dyson ball vacuum would be appreciated too !

Amy Oztan

For Mother’s Day this year I want something different than all of my other Mother’s Days. Usually I want to sleep in and be lazy and just enjoy my day, and ironically be around my family as little as possible (because it’s the only day I can demand whatever I want!). This year, however, I’ll be getting up ridiculously early in order to run a 4-mile race for charity. Since I have never run more than 2 miles in my life – and did NOT feel good at the end of that – my only wish for this Mother’s Day is to complete the race and not collapse of a heart attack at the end.

Shelia Rominger

There are two things I really want for Mother’s Day. I don’t think I will receive either one but a girl can dream right? The first thing I would love is a beach vacation where I can just relax and have some mommy time with lots of frozen drinks and some good friends. I would love if it was an all inclusive resort with a spa where I had complimentary spa services. I have never been to a spa. I would love a nice relaxing vacation with some spa and mommy time.  The second thing I want for Mother’s Day is a Mulberry Tree. I grew up eating mulberries. They are so good. I had a Mulberry tree in my backyard when I was little. I have been able to find mulberries growing along the road. I love them. I wish I had my own tree, so I could just eat them whenever I felt the urge. I have no idea where to get a mulberry tree. I am constantly searching for mulberries. If you know where I can find one hook me up!

Christie Crowder

I would love to spend at least half the day “responsibility-free” and take that time to just let my brain breathe.  No phone.  No computer (ha – imagine that!) No thoughts of what needs washing, whose behind needs wiping, and/or what’s for dinner.  Just snuggle in my bed and drown myself in mindless television or one of the countless books I have yet to finish.

Stacie Connerty

I would love a trip for Mother’s Day. I am the planner in my family. I plan everything from every Summer activity to all of our vacations. I even plan weekend adventures. For Mother’s Day this year, I would love if my husband were to plan an entire trip for us. Our 10th anniversary is in October this year and nothing would make me happier than if he planned some kind of getaway for just the two of us. When that doesn’t happen, flowers would be nice! Preferably tulips.

Kimberly Coleman

I want my own custom fragrance.  Fortunately, I was able to make it at an event with Scenterrprises Ltd.   Mines is a fruity floral that I named “Almost There” (my favorite song from The Princess and the Frog).  Scent is so powerful.  I’m looking forward to using it every day!

Kim Moldofsky

All I want for Mother’s Day are handmade cards from my boys. If they take time to create a cute, funny or (what are the chances?) touching card, I will have a symbol of their love that I will treasure for years to come.

Candice Broom

My mom will be getting a potted plant and a mother’s necklace from Things Remembered. Personally, I would like several hours of free time, a late morning, and a delicious meal that I don’t have to cook or wash up. :)

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