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REVIEWS | | May 25, 2010 at 9:36 pm

I have been lucky to come across a few products recently that came in handy when I held my 3 year old and 5 year old’s joint birthday party.

You Cake

You Cake creates personalized toppers for cakes. They had created the Mommy Niri logo topper for my Mom Nite Out and offered to create one for my girl’s cake. The topper itself is not pricey and start from around $16 so you can be sure about the topping before the big day arrives. The YouCake toppers are 100% edible frosting sheets, kosher, and printed out with a dedicated food grade-printer and edible ink.  Due to so many allergies many parents opt to bake the cake at home.  This is a neat way of giving a fancy. professional finish to your home baked cake (be sure to check the ingredients to make sure that the topping is safe too). Also check with your local bakery to make sure they are aware of laying it on the cake. I have to admit that the design created by the YouCake team for our Fancy Nancy party was a hit, as was the Mommy Niri logo cake.

Giraffalaff Limbo by Hasbro

Since it was a joint party there was over 30 kids. All entertainment ideas that were complicated started to fall by the wayside (note to self taking pictures and trying to print them while a party is in progress is not a great idea). This literally took me 5 minutes to set up. We never used the electronic version (and don’t want the kids to discover that yet) so I can’t vouch for that feature but a simple, child-friendly limbo it was. This is such a great addition to any party or play-date. Instant entertainment!

Easy Bake Oven

This rocks both as a gift or even as an “activity” for a smaller crowd. We have been having loads of fun bake various cakes and cookies. Yes, they are small but I am grateful for that. The 100Watt bulb was the tough one to find (it bakes using that bulb) since the earth friendly options are more popular. Although for a kid, it is important to know that kids should use this with adult supervision. The recommended age is 8+ and though I use it with my 5 year old, I tend to make sure I am driving it – while she does the mixing, decorating. What I love is that kids really feel great about creating something. What I don’t is that along with many other packaged mixes the ingredients are not as natural as I would like, especially not natural colors.

And the ultimate present?

Playmobil Wildlife Care Station Play Set

We are still in the throes of putting this together but I needed to give it a shout out. Look we are a Lego family. Loyal as I have been trying to be when at different events we were gifted little Playmobil kits. The fact that my sensory loving child held onto the characters way beyond the building meant I wanted to give it another look. The Playmobil Wildlife Care Station Play set is probably on the larger side and may be a little overwhelming at first. I decided to push my perfectionist attitude to the side, and allow my daughter to just build. As much as the end product would be beautiful I do believe the journey of getting there is what I want her to appreciate. So far she is learning to read instructions and the price when she does not. She is learning that you can change around the story as you like and she is learning patience as it takes a while to build. My favorite part is the little screwdriver that comes with. Though you could do it easily without both my little girls love using it (now if I could only get my 3 year old to not walk around the house with it.  This type of present may be on the pricier side – it retails for just under $70 but as a family bonding gift it is worth it. Think of how much of that cheap plastic trinkets you end up trashing.

Disclosure: I received the products to review.

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