Time To Play Spring Showcase!

NEWS | | May 2, 2010 at 10:58 pm

So I headed off to the Time To Play showcase in NYC, and how could I not. I have 2 little girls so toys are a big part of our life. There were several toys to check out though I must admit I wish there were more real outdoor toys. True they did have a huge swingset in the middle of the room from Backyard Discovery but you know what I mean. After listening to a roundup of Spring Toys we visited a gift suite where we could sample a few of the products.

Here are my Top 5 toys:

  1. Street Surfing’s Whiplash Scooter. My preschooler has had a lot of fun last year on her 3 wheeler scooter and she wanted the big kid scooter. Mama and papa were not so sure as those “big kid” scooters had such a narrow stepping plate (not sure what the word for it is) so I was really thrilled to see this. Aimed at the 5 year old and up and with adjustable handle it seemed the best next step.
  2. Playmobil. We are a Lego family but I am always open to any toys that promote construction and pretend play. I must admit to simply loving the details that go into the little characters.
  3. The Cow Bubble maker. So summer means bubbles. Lots of them. Lots of either mama blowing bubbles or the kids dropping the solution all over. Enter the automatic bubble maker that is also cute to look at and you have hours of popping fun.
  4. Fancy Nancy accessories and clothing. Apparently the clothing has been out some time but they launched the accessories. With my girls, and I, all being Fancy Nancy fans this was a special treat. In fact my girls are having a joint Fancy Nancy birthday in 2 weeks time. You just have to love a character that has oomph and a vocabulary.
  5. Kung Zhu I love everything about Zhu Zhu (except for the fact that you need to keep it away from hair -which we sadly found out the hard way, but was happy to see a sticker on it with the warning) and loved seeing all the varieties of cool Zhu Zhu styles coming out. I do wish that Kung Zhu was not labeled a “boy” version, I would love for toys to just be … toys.

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