The White Elephant Hotel Residences At Nantucket!

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We were just drooling over our Atlantis media trip and already restless with very itchy feet so when we were invited to head to The White Elephant hotel residences at Nantucket there was no arm twisting involved. I must confess though hotels don’t make me very excited, well I better quickly add hotels with kids. See I am a light packer but for my kids I pack a ton because in hotels it is more work than ever keeping them occupied and also a total schlep to head out each time for a snack or drink. What? Room service you say, well I would rather not have to fork out $5 for a hot chocolate, thanks for asking though.

Back to my story, I only took a quick look to see that the place would come with some amenities in the kitchen area and felt a huge sense of relief. I then continued to my whirlwind trips to LA for the Kaboom Playground build and the Wisteria Lane Child Hunger campaign launched. By the time I caught my breath it was time to book our ferry tickets to Nantucket. Since I had only been to Martha’s Vineyard (I volunteered with clearing and setting up a hostel over a weekend) I was keen to see Nantucket. Although we were able to get tickets easily for the ferry I am told summer is not so easy so a heads up on that, book it now if you can. When I checked about taking my car over the lady at the White Elephant gave a little laugh when I expressed concern about getting around. I was not convinced but the fare of taking my car on the ferry made me decide to put my faith in their hands.

We arrived early on Friday morning and after being greeted by the warm hotel staff we were escorted to our “room”. On the way we were shown to the courtesy lounge with internet stations, refreshment station, gym room and (my favorite) a shelf with the latest (and I am not kidding) dvds (and blurays)  and also several board games. I am a fan of taking in local sights but kids (and parents) need downtime and this provided our oasis.  Before I forget the ferry we docked at could be walked from to our room. Seriously.

When we got to “Nobadeer”, the name of our residence, we were floored. All we could see light flooding the room. The decor was well picked to project a fresh, crisp, clean coastal feel. I hardly indulge myself to such elegance as I am in fear of my kids ripping  the place apart. I was apprehensive as to whether my kids would leave me in an embarrassing situation with all the knick-knacks and I have to admit the 1st day was tough with many touch ‘n go moments but the novelty (thankfully) fizzled out. The huge lounge area complete with fireplace also had a large dining area. If you are imagining a cramped dining/lounge area you would be wrong. As I mentioned earlier more than anything kids need space, a playarea so they are not constantly bumping into furniture.

The girls had their own bedroom, complete with a little stuffed animal for each on their beds. Mind you, this is not something they do just for us media folks but for all families checking in with kids. It is little personal touches like these that make the White Elephant Hotel Residences truly feel like a vacation home. I would have said home only but where the “vacation” part comes in is that I have housekeeping clean the place and can call room service for a restaurant meal. Back to giving you an insight to the place. Where were we, that’s right describing the bedroom. Ample storage space and a television and DVD in each bedroom, yet enough place to walk around or sit and play a game. The girls loved having their own bathroom (a privilege  they do not have at home) and chastised me if I dared use theirs.

Then we get to our master bedroom. The bathroom had both a shower and a bath, and man what a magnificent bath – Victorian and beautiful. The bed itself was huge, comfy and for a change child-free (at least for that weekend). In my home we don’t allow televisions in the bedrooms, but I was thrilled to have one in our bedroom. In that short weekend we managed to catch up on the latest DVD’s (thanks to that collection I mentioned earlier). Having a walk out balcony with a view of the water really made it serene. The fact that the place has wi-fi of course completed it for the geeks in us. In fact I recall hubby, who worked the entire Friday from there comment that he was in utter bliss with the ocean breeze and the calming decor.

Now the thing that rocked the most for me was the kitchen, or rather kitchen nook. Completely equipped with dinnerware and cutlery, you are all set to have a meal. I wish it came with a few casserole containers though so I could adequately use the microwave or toaster oven that were also there. Speaking of appliances, I thought it was pretty neat how these were disguised behind cupboard doors. Probably much pleasing on the eye in case of entertaining guests. I would have given my right arm for a stove, what can I say – I love cooking. Yeah, yeah, I know on vacation you should not have to cook. Well if don’t feel like cooking then you have a choice of ordering in or walking (yes walking) to any of the awesome restaurants, but if you don’t want to buy 3 meals a day (ka-ching) you may want to investigate the appliances within. Not sure about you but I love not having to run out for my fresh chai.

Our stay coincided with the Nantucket Daffodil Festival weekend so we were really in for a treat. See our earlier video post which captured the essence of it. We were treated to a breakfast at the Brant Point Grill, which was good but I must admit nothing over the top. Later that day when we had dinner there and I was much more impressed. The choice and distinct variety made for an enjoyable meal. The ambiance was classy yet not too quiet (ask any mama and she will confess to wanting some noise so that it drowns out her kid’s noise) and we had a brilliant view of the water.  Since it was April it was still a little on the colder side at night so thanks to a very smart design we were able to sit outside with a plastic tent protecting us from the cold and get this, heaters on the “roof” above us. Another clincher was the fact that they brought little entertainment stuff (coloring and simple toys) for the kids and again  this is something they do for all kids not just us.

We spent the rest of the time flitting between bike rides (rental bikes), walking, watching movies and visiting the quaint little stores. I did enjoy the little meals at the town center and even the grocery store, which was also within walking distance, allowed us to grab a few necessities if we wanted to whip a quick meal. Did we have a wonderful time? Yes! Is the place pricey? Yes! Do we think it is worth it?f you consider you can save on going out often and having the ability to cook some meals the price looks less steep. Do we consider the White Elephant Hotel Residence an ideal vacation place? Absolutely yes!

White Elephant Hotel Residence (Luxury), Nantucket MA

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Disclosure: Our accommodation and some meal expenses were covered.

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