Friday 5: 5 Things I Want For Mother’s Day!

FRIDAY 5 | | May 7, 2010 at 11:38 pm

So Mommy Niri has not posted anything for the Friday 5 Series for a while. I have been so busy rushing around with so many personal and blogging commitments that I began to resent just writing something. Then I said I should stop. Friday 5 was one of my favorite things and I did not want to have these negative feelings about it. I control the blog and not the other way around. So to make sure I gave up the pattern I skipped a post, and then a few. It felt liberating at first – knowing that nothing shattered if I did not write one. So as much as this post is not earth shattering I felt a Mother’s Day post is something I wanted to write about. So I am back….maybe!

  • A Starbucks trip without ordering kid’s hot chocolate. Starbucks is one of my favorite places. Sad you think? Well my pleasures are small. Yet this time I want a trip to Starbucks without the small people, or ordering “kid’s hot chocolate with no whipped cream” and better yet, no drive-thru. Yessiree  this mama will be sitting in one of those comfy, intellectual looking, armchairs. Chai is my drink, and I intend to drink back my sanity.
  • Non kiddie music. The other day while looking for some music for a few videos (speaking of video check the Daffodil Festival in Nantucket by The Papa Post) I suggested “Walking On Sunshine” and realized how much I missed my music. Well hold me back as I intend to stock up on my music.
  • New shoes. As much as I have bought a few pairs here and there I have practically lived on my favorite pair of Dansko clogs everyday since I was pregnant with my daughter over 5 years ago. They are the most comfortable shoes and have kept up with all those New York events you see me covering. But the time has come to bid farewell and send them walking.
  • “Me” jewelery. I am so not a jewelery person, sad no? But while at the Time To Play Spring Toys I saw Savvy Auntie sporting the most gorgeous twitter necklace from and being the lover of twitter I am – I thought perfect!
  • To take a long afternoon nap with my 2 girls. We co-slept with the kids (stop rolling your eyes -we did it partially because we wanted them close and partially because it was the faster/lazier approach to get them to sleep) for a long time. Actually my little one still steals into my bed every so often. Sometimes it is met with my irritation and sometimes I just am excited my girls still want to cuddle. There is something so serene about an afternoon nap, at least what I can recall – it has been so long. Firstly a nap in itself would rock (when last did you nap) but holding my girls while I take that nap would make my day – heck my year.

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