Friday 5: 5 Reasons Big Bloggers Need To Be Nice To Small Bloggers!

FRIDAY 5, SOCIAL MEDIA | | May 13, 2010 at 8:51 pm

I know those adjectives “big” and “small” suck but go with my poetic heading, which is easier on the ears than it’s polictically correct cousin. For the rest of this post though my point is those bloggers who are a little more established, not necessarily writing for longer but more in the limelight – or maybe blog-light, compared to those who are not so.  This Friday as part of my Friday 5 series I needed to get some of these thoughts off my chest.

  • They may not be as small as you think.

    Sure the squeaky wheel gets the grease but dynamite comes in small packages. Sometimes that little blogger you have been ignoring may just well be the “famous” blogger you have been dying to meet.  There are more little people and coming from South Africa, and having seen Apartheid topple before my very eyes I know that the little people count, and have power.

  • Mind your manners.

    People are noticing. Seriously you can be amazed at just what you see and hear (when you shut up).  The dismissing behavior or the “hello-how-are-you?” and then look away before they respond, or the “Let’s look for someone more important in the room” gets noticed. I think I fall somewhere in the middle but if I had to choose a corner it would be on the side of the smaller blogger (I meant in blogger status not physical size so cut that out) and I have watched how uncomfortable “smaller” bloggers are made to feel. That makes me lose a ton of respect for those dishing out the arrogance. Sometimes big people, who have respect for all, actually see what you do and I got news for you – They are not impressed either.

  • Small people become big people.

    People grow, and so do bloggers. Actually bloggers grow faster, sometimes. I notice some “big” bloggers only follow and talk to “big” bloggers on twitter and ignore people. Then you see some smaller bloggers do amazing work and shine and when they are the toast of the town get the “approval” to the “I will tweet you back/or better yet actually follow you back” group.

  • New to blogging does not mean new to life.

    You learn something new everyday. You learn more when you learn to listen. My favorite time at any conference – getting to know someone new over chai or chatting in my room. That alone is worth any conference money I spend (ok I am still broke from the gazillion # of conferences but stay focused here)! Just because someone’s blog was born yesterday does not mean that they were. People have so much of really inspiring richness that they have experienced in their life. Understanding all of this background not only makes for an enriching viewpoint and a tolerance to support networking efforts but actually gives you great fodder, in the form of ideas, for your blog.

  • Small is the new big!

    It is. Everyone wants something personally crafted, hand stitched, locally made and less cookie cutter feel. Think of how many blogs sound the same. Being able to still identify with the mainstream people means you have to live and talk with them. People talk about blogging karma and I think that word is abused so much it makes my tummy hurt. Doing good is not you rub a big blogger’s back so she can rub yours later!

You may want to read my post on “Why I Won’t Let Someone Make Me Feel Like I Don’t Belong“! that actually came out of me trying to write this post. Having said this there are several amazing bloggers who are successful both in blogging and how they treat everyone. Let’s work to be nice, not just to the top notch ones.

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