Can The Pouchee Hold It All?

REVIEWS | | May 26, 2010 at 7:51 pm

So I am in the throes of trying to find an ideal handbag. The one big stumbling block is the reluctance to spend money on myself. I guess since I have bought so many cheaper bags (and dealing with the consequences of it) I should invest. In the meantime I am moving stuff from one bag to another which is annoying at the least.

My bag also ends up being a catch-all in the family. From hubby to my daughters, each one feels more than free to place (dump) the stuff (crap) they carry in my bag. I try to go smaller to dissuade this behavior but either they are deaf to my pleas or blind to my bulging bag they don’t take notice. The most frustrating thing is not having a crappy bag but finding a ringing (crappy – but that is a whole post on its own) phone in my crappy bag. How often have you searched through all the stuff in your bag and by the time you unearth the phone the call has ended?

When Pouchee asked whether I take their organizer bag for a spin I thought heck yes, I have been searching desperately to find something to help me keep things organized. To set the mood right you have to imagine a wailing kid in the background as you perform these searched. My first impression was it was larger than I imagined (I imagined purse like) but I loved the red color. The slots for the phone, iTouch (practice spot for where my soon-to-be-mine iPhone will be kept) and credit cards etc. I loved that if I had a bulky bag I could just pull this out and head to the bathroom or wherever.

Of course I make the mistake of treating it like a bag. I sadly found out that using it as a lazy gal’s bag is not the best thing. The credit cards are all on display and sadly the slots are either a tad big (which I found out by losing my credit card – thankfully a neighbor found it on my driveway) or maybe they expect you to put more than 1 card in each slot. Either way I would have loved them smaller and maybe on the inside – I guess that may disturb the few slots on the inside.

I love the magnetic closures and the big metal ring handles. My (dinosaur Razr) phone slipped out a few times but maybe it was not built for those phones – as I noticed my iTouch stayed well-put. Did I find my ringing phone? Yes! Did I manage to keep essentials in? Yes! Would I have reached out and bought it on my own? Truthfully, maybe! Will I continue to use it? Yes.

While I will still be on the lookout for my dream handbag, this will be following me in it.


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    Amber Smith says:

    Ugh searching for the phone in an oversized stuffed purse is a nightmare. Even worse are those bags that have tons of pockets “so we never lose anything” (yeah right) I end up searching every pocket except the one that has my phone!

    Hopefully your dream bag is out there somewhere just waiting to be spotted ;)

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    Laura says:

    That looks kind of awesome, actually. Do they have a website?

    • 2.1
      Ashley says: and you can also check them out on Facebook

      • 2.1.1
        Mommy Niri says:

        Thanks Ashley, you beat me to it. Also several smaller sites sell them too.

          Another Mommy says:

          This is actually not a purse. It is an ultimate purse organizer for you to put inside of a purse to keep it organized. It also makes it easier to switch from purse to purse without dumping everything out. These days huge purses are in and this organizer keeps you from digging through endless treasures and allows you to find items quickly INSIDE of your purse

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    Love this review because you are upbeat, but honest. It looks like a nice alternative to a tiny wallet (that ALSO gets lost inside my huge bag).

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