Zhu Zhu Pets Now Available On Ninentendo DS

REVIEWS | | April 11, 2010 at 9:31 pm

One of the hottest toys of 2009, Zhu Zhu, is now available on Nintendo – featuring nine pets and several levels of play. Your little kids can scoot and scamper the little rodents through a fun area full of mazes. There are speed ramps, slide chutes, and tunnels to add to the excitement.

The game is quite easy for my 2yr and 4yr olds. As the kids maneuver the little rodents through the mazes, they can unlock more hamsters. The little icons appear next to the hamsters as they need sleep, food, bathroom break etc. There is no need for reading any instructions and that is why kids love it. It is so easy.

The cute little hamsters are ready for the adventure.  Are you?

You may also like to see the Zhu Zhu Pets party that I hosted in 2009.
UPDATE 05/22/2010:
Kung Zhu Hamsters, the next generation of zhu zhu pets, were unveiled at the Toy Fair, NY.

Disclosure: I received the game for review!

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