Walking On Wisteria Lane!

NEWS | | April 18, 2010 at 8:44 pm

With David Arquette at Wisteria Lane - Photo Courtesy Con Agra Foods

So yes, I walked on Wisteria Lane. Yes, that Wisteria Lane. Truthfully I am doing my readers a disservice here as I am not an avid Desperate Housewives viewer, mmm, okay so I never watched the show and spied one a week before I left to Los Angeles, so when everyone was going gaga over being able to go there, I had no idea. This is not to say that I don’t like the show but just the past 5 years have been somewhat a blur peppered with diapers and Dora The Explorer.  Anyway I headed to LA and started the day packing backpacks at the LA Food Bank. The next day we started off extra early to the set of Desperate Housewives, aka Wisteria Lane.

There was so much to see and say so I will try and capture what I can. Why on earth were we on Wisteria Lane? Well Dana Delaney, star of Desperate Housewives, is the celebrity spokesperson for the Child Hunger Ends Here project. The concept is clear, hunger is in our own neighborhood, hence the neighborhood theme and also the fact that each of us 14 blogger correspondents working on the project are having rallies in our own neighborhood. I am hoping that you can join me at mine one May 6th!

I am sure die-hard fans of the show would have known most of the personalities so please forgive me if I miss mentioning them. If you notice any feel free to post their names and details in the comments to help this girlfriend, eh?

Some interesting titbits (and don’t say Mommy Niri does not deliver , well somewhat deliver). All links are to videos.

There were several celebrities Dana Delany, Ali Sweeney, Stephanie Pratt, the cast from the Real Housewives of Orange County, Melissa Rivers and David Arquette are just some of them. When I mentioned to friends last weekend that I liked David Arquette there were a few eye-rolls but truth is earlier to me he was just the guy of Courtney Cox (whom I do love), but when he came over and greeted each one of us I was impressed. Let’s take a step back and set the scene first. We were 14 bloggers in matching shirts surrounded by celebrities, and press so we were the “small people”. He said each of our names, shook our hands, and made eye contact (Martha Stewart – hope you are taking notes) and that made me admire him all the more.

In case you would love to see the journey in pics, below is the entire slideshow.

The celebrities were all also participating in the “shirt of our backs” campaign to auction items to raise funds for the program. There are loads of details on the Child Hunger Ends Here site. Alison Sweeney was another of my favorite people. I know she is a star of biggest loser now but I remember way back as Sammy from Days Of Our Lives (yes, I watched it – don’t judge me)! She came over and, get this, was so impressed by us that she took a picture of us with our cameras – and tweeted it.

So I hope you are all rallying in to make a difference. Everything matters.

Disclosure: Flight and accommodation were paid  as part of the ongoing Child Hunger Ends Here blogger correspondent campaign

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