Earth Day Roundup: Giveaways, Events, And More!

NEWS | | April 21, 2010 at 10:20 pm

There is so much going on that I wanted a central place to link to all. Feel free to add your own.

Current Contests

Cool kid happenings (check your local store for details)

  • Home Depot building clinics for kits for the entire Earth Week. I found out this by accident today, they just built a plant pot holder, complete with pot holder, 2 mini pots, soil and seed. All supplies provided by Home Depot and there is a different craft everyday. You end it with a pin matching the craft, and a certificate too. Did I mention it is free?
  • Pottery Barn Kids has earth themed storytime with activities and you end up with a little something to take home to plant.
  • Disney Stores – collect 6 cans or bottles and exchange for an earth themed baseball cap.

Older Green Posts

On television (check local listings)

  • PBS Kids has a whole range of the characters focusing¬†on earth themes from Curious George (a new episode – Something new under the sun), Word World (Caterpillar gets a home), Super Why (Tiddalick the frog), Sid The Science Kid (The Dirt On Dirt), Caillou (outdoor adventures), and several more.
  • Sprout has an amazing schedule for Earth Day but the biggest launch is that of the new show “Dirt Girl”. I love the concept, not so much the name. Where I come from dirt goes in the garbage but here in the USA dirt and soil are used interchangeably. Soil is so much more like something necessary than dirt sounds. But hey, I am willing watch it and if it gets kids to focus on the earth, I will look past the name. Take a peek.

And anything for the grownup?

You mean besides all the recycling, gardening and eco-friendly shopping? Yes!

Avatar releases tomorrow!

That’s right, right on Earth Day the movie that has rocked the earth with its release last December will be here. Using state of the art technology can only account for part of the success, as with any movie emotions need to run deep to feel the movie. Speaking of feeling it is always a tossup when you ask people what they thought of the movie, most love it or hate it, hardly in-between. That is normally a sign of something good, when it moves people – even if in the other direction. No-one wants to make a film that is forgotten.

By focusing on the what-ifs, while taking true threads of what is happening, while extending it to the next level makes you see the impact of how we treat the earth. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has teamed up with the Earth Day Network to plant 1,000,000 trees worldwide in celebration of the BD and DVD release of the film.  People who purchase the film will be given a unique access code that allows them to go online and actually adopt one of the million trees being planted, charting its location and progress.

Our future is in our children’s hands, so we better start teaching them how to take care of the earth.

Disclosure: I will be receiving the Avatar DVD to review!

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