Check Out My Personalized Resort Tote from Initials (Win A $50 Gift Card Too)!

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Congratulations Arla!

I am a bag lady. Well sort of. I love bags. I just don’t have much luck with them. When I was approached to review the new Resort Tote from I was interested. The bags could be personalized and that was great since I had never owned a personalized bag. I have often bought personalized stuff for my kids but never thought to indulge such luxury. I figured this was time.

I received a catalog loaded with various items, not just bags that you personalize. You can choose fabric (for some) and also font style and font color. There are bags, bottles, toys and more that you can leave your signature style on. These guys go further, more than just shopping they create entrepreneurs with their business model. They offer you to host parties and earn money from selling the personalized items. They clearly exude their slogan “There’s Only One You!” in the variety they offer. Since they have been running since 2005 they definitely know their stuff.

Now I was stunned when the Resort Tote arrived. It was much larger than I thought which is both good and bad. Good being I can carry everything and bad being I can carry everything. The color was classy and the fabric seemed as if it could be wiped clean (I guess with my kiddos I will find out sooner rather than later) . I loved that the side snaps allow for expansion and that the magnetic closure at the top are discreetly hidden. The embroidery was of a pretty good quality and definitely adds a classier feel than printing would. I can’t wait for Spring Break to sport it on my planned vacation.

Want to win the Resort Tote or something else from the catalog? You can win a $50 Gift card towards your choice of personalized item/s.

To win tell me which color from the selection you think would look great on your kid? Contest closes 10th April 2010 . To earn extra entries, after you have left a comment, do one of the following, but make sure you leave a separate comment entry for each extra thing you do. This gives you additional ways to win the contest.

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Disclosure: I received the resort tote to review.


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    Sky says:

    I love the Cosmo fabric. So modern!

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    All the choices are exciting but I’d like to start with the Cosmo.

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    i really like their go go diaper bag in pink

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    There is a zebra print I know my daughter would love.

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    paige chandler says:

    Pink for my Girlie Girl.

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    Monique Rizzo says:

    I love the Pink Go Go Diaper Bag.
    Thanks for the chance!!

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    Christine says:

    the Cosmo

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    Debbie W. says:

    I like the one with the big black polka dots (like the one featured on the main page).

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    Jessica says:

    Wow, the bag looks amazing! I’d love to have one with my blog name on it! I love the travel bag (it’s solid brown with a touch of print around the zipper area). I also think the personalized note cards are great! The buckets are cool too, would be a fun way to organize toys with a personalized touch. Too many nice things to decide on 1! :)

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