Away From Home!

MY VIEWS | | April 11, 2010 at 8:57 pm

In between all the whining and the chaos I dropped threats of “I can’t wait to take a break in LA!” Sure I was excited about my (then) upcoming trip but honestly was looking forward to some time away. Being a SAHM ( you got to read What Not To Say To A SAHM) is precious but the sanity takes a knocking. You barely give the itinerary a glance as it sits readily printed as you run around at a crazy speed trying to prepare the family for your absence. The fact that it is only 2 days does not faze you as you have major practice as a mama to prepare for “what if’s”.

If images of a restful time away while on media trips crop up in your mind, banish them. Since activities are normally compressed into a small amount of time, you find yourself flitting from one thing to the next, barely catching your breath. After the dinner is done, you could head to bed and hope the time difference has not messed too much with your mind and body, but you choose not to. How often will you find yourself face-to-face with those twitter friends who keep you going in the wee hours? So you stay up chatting. Or should it be called networking? It is my favorite part of any trip even though I pay the price the next morning with first a wake up call from the kids and then a reality call to kick the day’s events into gear.

Then everything moves at at pace that makes it all surreal. Fleeting thoughts emerge of how the kids are managing under the panicky eyes of papa. Images of mismatched clothing and sink-full of dishes crop in your head and not without warranty. Of course little escapades that happen in your absence do nothing to reassure you. Then it is time to leave and you feel you have seen nothing of the city, or shopped and you are barely making your flight (or in my last trip totally missing it and leaving 6hrs later than anticipated). On flight you see other kids and pangs of guilt mixed with “but I am not relaxed yet” feelings cover you. As your plane touches down you already are planning (and re-planning) the day with the kids.

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