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  • And Now My Stove Needs To Go!
    So it has been 3 months with my Frigidaire dishwasher. Might I add 3 blissful months. You never think that a dishwasher can make a big difference but it does. The bickering about redoing the dishes is over – every morning you wake up to clean dishes. No more worrying about loud noises emitting, the super silent dishwasher makes it possible to do a load even for...
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  • Timing Is Everything!
    I always wondered who would use the timing feature on the dishwasher. On my bread machine it rocks but on a dishwasher? I mean I could understand that if the dishwasher was loud (set it off and leave the house) but my Frigidaire dishwasher is so quiet that I often have to open it to see there are signs of water splashed around aka it is working. But now I have found...
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  • 140 Conference: Learning How To Network
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  • Cupcakes, Cocktails And A Charity Too! Join Me At Mom’s Night Out!
    So the day is almost here and I am even more excited than my own birthday. You know I asked you to Save the date May 6th, right? Well I hope you have lined up that babysitter, and if it is daddy dearest then just ignore all the mismatched clothing and imagine the fun you are going to have. So even movies (chick flicks baby), mini massages and makeup and more will be...
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  • The Jellybeans and the Big Book Bonanza By Laura Numeroff (Giveaway)
    CONTEST CLOSED! Congratulations Darleen And Greg! Have kids in tow? Have PreK or toddlers in tow? Then there is a pretty good chance that you would have come across Author Laura Numeroff’s best-selling book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. This time Laura’s new rendition, The Jellybeans and the Big Book Bonanza, is totally in keeping with quality but she has...
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  • Earth Day Roundup: Giveaways, Events, And More!
    There is so much going on that I wanted a central place to link to all. Feel free to add your own. Current Contests An eco-friendly playhouse from KidsCraft. Wow Wow Wubbzy Goes Green DVD A Kid’s Vegetable Growing Kit Eco friendly office/school supplies (3 winners) Cool kid happenings (check your local store for details) Home Depot building clinics for kits...
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  • O’BON – Eco Friendly School And Office Supplies! (Giveaway – 3 Winners)
    CONTEST CLOSED! Congratulations, Char, CandCan and TrixTrix! The fact the eco friendly products are creeping into every aspect of our life from cooking, to cleaning to playing it was overdue that it made an entrance into the school and office supplies arena. Judging by the amount of paper that just my PreK kid brings home in her backpack, is alone scary. As much as we...
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  • Wordless Wednesday: The Royal Potty?
    This was taken while at Atlantis. This is in the Atlantis Kid’s Adventure Club. Each bathroom has a different theme, decor, lighting (this bathroom had a chandelier) and music – yes music as you stepped it!
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  • Win A Kid’s Vegetable Growing Kit From Terracycle!
    CONTEST CLOSED! Congratulations Tara! Eating healthy starts from kids knowing where their food comes from. If you are constantly feeding your kid processed food it would be difficult for her to fathom the important nutrition that comes from fresh fruit and vegetable. Seeing a plant grow from scratch is magic in its own right. Now club that with the recycled products from Terracycle...
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  • Walking On Wisteria Lane!
    With David Arquette at Wisteria Lane - Photo Courtesy Con Agra Foods So yes, I walked on Wisteria Lane. Yes, that Wisteria Lane. Truthfully I am doing my readers a disservice here as I am not an avid Desperate Housewives viewer, mmm, okay so I never watched the show and spied one a week before I left to Los Angeles, so when everyone was going gaga over being able to...
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  • Fruit2O Essentials Good Enough For Guys And Gals! (Giveaway)
    Contest Closed! Congratulations Jerelyn! Water, natural water, is good for you. You don’t need to be a genius to know that. The problem is that had it not been so, well, tasteless – it would be easier to down. Am I saying that replacements are better than water? Heck no! But if drinking a close cousin will get you hydrated I am all ears. If that other drink...
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  • Wordless Wednesday: Royal Treatment In Bed!
    Brushing in bed?
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  • Mom’s Nite Out (May 6th) Save The Date!
    Moms Night Out will be celebrated nationally (check but I will be at the one in Burlington, MA at the Simon Mall. There will be everything you can imagine for a mom to be pampered but there’s more. As part of the End Child Hunger program I will be collecting food and donations for the local food shelter. If you are a company and want to help...
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  • Super Why And Wow Wow Wubbzy Highlight Earth Day! (Giveaway)
    CONTEST CLOSED!!! Congratulations Rebecca! Last year for Earth Day my girls headed to the Kid Toons to watch an episode of Super Why dedicated to the Earth Day theme of saving water. The episode subtly focuses on the impact of wasting water but in a dialect children can understand. Children, like everyone else, hate being lectured to, but explaining the ramifications...
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  • Packing Backpacks At The Los Angeles Food Bank!
    The plane had barely landed, and lunch and not even digested before we were whisked off to the LA Food Bank. Did I mind? Not one bit. In fact many media trips leave me feeling like an audience. I love it when we get to be an active part of a program. More so when working in a food bank. I had volunteered some years back in the Boston Food Bank so I had a pretty good idea...
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  • Week 2: Another Chance To Win That Mommy Niri Mug!
    CONTEST CLOSED! Congratulations Sheila! So you may not have won the 1st mug but there are plenty more where that came from – or at least 4 more. Again, this mug from I would love to see in the hands of a fan who is an avid reader of Let’s keep it simple! Leave a comment to answer:  How did you discover Contest closes...
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  • Zhu Zhu Pets Now Available On Ninentendo DS
    One of the hottest toys of 2009, Zhu Zhu, is now available on Nintendo – featuring nine pets and several levels of play. Your little kids can scoot and scamper the little rodents through a fun area full of mazes. There are speed ramps, slide chutes, and tunnels to add to the excitement. The game is quite easy for my 2yr and 4yr olds. As the kids maneuver the little...
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  • Away From Home!
    In between all the whining and the chaos I dropped threats of “I can’t wait to take a break in LA!” Sure I was excited about my (then) upcoming trip but honestly was looking forward to some time away. Being a SAHM ( you got to read What Not To Say To A SAHM) is precious but the sanity takes a knocking. You barely give the itinerary a glance as it sits...
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  • Chat With Holly Robinson Peete About Her Book “My Brother Charlie”
    I was fortunate to speak with Holly Robinson Peete (@hollyrpeete) about her book “My Brother Charlie” (co-authored with her daughter Ryan Elizabeth Peete) along with several top bloggers Jennifer (5MinutesForMom), Fred (MochaDad), Melanie (SavvyAuntie), Abigail (BlackCelebKids), Shannon (Squidalicious) and of course me (Ramesh @ The Papa Post on MommyNiri)....
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  • A Pretty Corolle Umbrella To Handle April Showers! (Special Offer)
    I am a huge fan of Corolle and the quality and thought that goes behind their products. I just wanted a quick note to let you know about a special offer they are having. A limited edition Corolle umbrella could be yours just for buying $35 (or more) worth of Corolle products from any specialty store that carries this fine brand. Normally the rain gets me down but today...
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  • An Eco-Friendly Playhouse From KidsCraft (Giveaway)!
    CONTEST CLOSED! Congratulations AEVande! You know how you always want to make that little go-cart or boat or rocket out of a cardboard box that you spied in some television show. As much as the idea is endearing and filled with creativity galore, that empty box is hard to come by. I mean seriously, how often do you buy a fridge or some other big appliance. Just a few...
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  • Holly Robinson Peete’s New Book “My Brother Charlie”! (Autographed Giveaway – 3 Winners)
    CONTEST CLOSED! Congratulations Amanda (autographed copy), Elizabeth & Michelle Most people are aware of Holly Robinson Peete, in fact I have not watched her recently but have been a fan since 21 Jump Street (I know showing my age).  When I heard about her new book, co-written with her daughter Ryan Elizabeth Peete, called “My Brother Charlie” and that...
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  • CNN Give Dooce The Link
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  • We Built A Playground Along With Kaboom, Kool Aid And Rev Run!
    It was exactly a year ago that I did a post about Kaboom, a group that builds playgrounds all over the country, so I was (pleasantly) surprised when I was asked to join Kaboom and Kool Aid to build a new playground in Inglewood, California. As much as media events are fun I was worried about having to look at other people working to build a playground. Though I have performed...
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  • I Don’t Want Papa
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  • I’m Off To Wisteria Lane! (But You Can Win A Gift Basket Including A Desperate Housewives DVD)!
    CONTEST CLOSED! Congratulations Jennifer from Savor The Thyme! So I am heading to Los Angeles, or more specifically Wisteria Lane, in a few days. Yes, that Wisteria Lane! Dana Delany, star of Desperate Housewives, is the celebrity spokesperson for the Child Hunger Ends Here campaign. While there we will be visiting a local food bank. Since I have volunteered at the...
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  • Check Out My Personalized Resort Tote from Initials (Win A $50 Gift Card Too)!
    CONTEST CLOSED! Congratulations Arla! I am a bag lady. Well sort of. I love bags. I just don’t have much luck with them. When I was approached to review the new Resort Tote from I was interested. The bags could be personalized and that was great since I had never owned a personalized bag. I have often bought personalized stuff for my kids but...
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