Win Children’s Oral Health Kit (Listerine And Reach)!

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Congratulations Saumya!

Brushing is a necessary evil. I mean like it or not you know you have to do it.  If you skimp on it the results will be clearly visible each time you smile. Having a kid throws a spanner in the works. Oh, and I don’t just mean that you don’t find the time to pay attention to your oral hygiene (that too) but the fact that you have to look after their teeth. Worse still, you have to teach the munchkins to take care of it themselves. If you have kids you undoubtedly know getting them to start a task is tough, finishing it is another matter.

LISTERINE® AGENT COOL BLUE® is a  rinse that is used before brushing that tints their teeth. This help kids brush with some intent, rather than just rushing it over (you know what I mean).  Thankfully the tint is temporary.

LISTERINE® SMART RINSE™ is different in that it is an after rinse. Having both of these and using it on alternate days always you to switch the routine a bit. Built for kids to help protect teeth against cavities and clean the mouth beyond brushing alone.This rinse has fluoride for extra cavity protection. This rinse attracts stuff that brushing leaves back in the mouth and kids will get a kick out of seeing proof in the sink.

I loved the fact that there is no burning sensation. I will caution you about storing these out of reach of kids when not in use.

Now it is your chance. A lucky Mommy Niri reader can win this Children’s Health Kit which includes:

  • LISTERINE Agent Cool Blue (Bubble Blast flavor)
  • LISTERINE Smart Rinse (Berry Shield)
  • LISTERINE Smart Rinse (Mint Shield)
  • (2) REACH Wonder Grip Toothbrushes

To win post a comment on this blog post answering “Which Listerine Rinse you can’t wait for your kid to try?

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Disclosure: I received the Listerine mouthwash to review.


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    I’d like the Agent Cool Blue. My grand-daughter needs to pay more attention to her teeth brushing. Maybe this will give her an incentive to actually take the time to really brush her teeth.

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