The Nook: It Came, I Downloaded, I Read! (Win A Nook Too)!

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Congratulations Anne!

But you can win the Nook Color!

I read books. Children books count, don’t they? The thing is I was addicted to reading. Hiding books everywhere, thirsty for reading always. I am the type of person who will read labels to calm down – but I guess that is more than you need to know. These days I find snippets of moments to read but then realize that I don’t have my book with me. Then I am loathe to buy a book and make a deep pile that I may not get to. Yes, I watch in jealousy, as all those book readers devour the latest best sellers while I drown my kids in hot chocolate at book stores.

Sometime last year when Barnes and Noble approached us to check out their eReader we were happy to check it out. Barnes and Noble as a brand ranks as our favorite (right up there with with Ikea, Starbucks and Whole Foods) so were thrilled to be a part of sharing a way for everyone to read eBooks, not just people owning eReaders. Then a few months later we also were part of the team that got to hear about the release of the Nook. In fact I remember shopping in Barnes And Noble and seeing them sold out well before Christmas.

Up until now I have been ogling the Nook so when I was offered a chance to review it, I though “heck yeah!”. Of course when I learned that I would be able to give one away to my readers I could barely contain myself. One of the reasons I love contests is making someone happy – simple, and maybe corny, but true.

Since I have had the nook for a short time I will share with you my impression. These are just a few of the many amazing Nook features.

  • It is sexy! Seriously it is. I know what you are thinking, Mommy Niri buys a car by a color (I kind of) and I just got my DSLR camera in blood red but come on – looks matter! You know it does so stop pretending. I can’t imagine anyone not being impressed by the sleek design.
  • It is very lightweight. Popped into my handbag – with any of their stylish designer covers from the collection I can slip it out quite nonchalantly, knowing everyone’s eyes will be on my cool eReader, and make any “waiting” time whizz by – and you know as a mom how much of “waiting” we do.
  • It is like a library. Well except for the bland surroundings and out of date books. You have a ton of books at your disposal. Now you never have to worry about bringing the wrong book. Or even if you feel like you are in the mood for something different to read today. You may run out time but with the large storage capacity you may never run out space.
  • Share, share, share! Well you say this to your kid countless times but now you can too. You can “lend” an eBook to your friend for up to 2 weeks (that is just enough time to cater for the slowest reader out there).
  • Did someone say free? I can never understand what it is about that word that makes my heart go racing. Well in case you are on a tight budget (who isn’t) and the normally lower price of eBooks compared to regular books is not enough, then there are several free eBooks to choose from.
  • But I still want to sit in those swanky seats at a BN store and sip chai! Well take your eReader along because there is something special that happens to the Nook inside a Barnes and Noble store (think of it like a coming home party). Once inside the Nook detects the special Wi-Fi and selecting the More In Store image will list all the content available for download to nook. This is something the Kindle can’t give you – unless they build an Amazon store (check out the comparison).
  • Where’s that bookmark again? Now you don’t have to remember where you stopped reading, and for a mama that is forgetful and anything this is a biggie. Even if you move to another book, it “remembers” where you were for each book.
  • Green is my color! Seriously the biggest reason to use an eReader is the fact that it reduces our carbon footprint. Enough said!
  • My look, my way! There are so many customizable features but my favorite has to be the screensaver. In fact I put the new Alice In Wonderland screensaver in less than 5 minutes.

There are loads more reasons to try a Nook today (and I know you can read them so I won’t insult your intelligence by repeating them here) and if you are thinking of waiting for the iPad (why on earth any woman would want to own something with the word “pad” on it is beyond me – blech) which costs almost double the price (starts at $499) of the Nook (($269) – I say, unless it comes with a genie to fold laundry and make my tea,  why on earth would I pay so much for an eReader?

I know you what you are thinking, “But Mommy Niri what about those Nook freezing issues!” Well, truth of the matter is I come from a Software Engineering background and I can tell you, hand-on-heart, there is NO product that is perfect. So while there are steps clearly defined to troubleshoot this should it ever happen to you, The Papa Post (an ex Software Engineer in another life himself) took the responsibility of taking those steps and adding images to further assist (check out How To Unfreeze The Nook). See, we love our readers and are committed to making a resource you can truly use.

I love the Barnes And Noble eReader! The Nook has deserved the Award by Tech Crunch for “One of The best gadgets for 2009!” Get one and you will understand just why!

March already is an amazing month (what with Mommy Niri celebrating her blogging anniversary) but I get to give one of my wonderful readers the Barnes and Noble eReader the Nook!

Want to win a Nook?

To win post a comment on this blog post,after visiting the eBooks store at answering “Which eBook you are dying to read and why?” Let’s try and be original and not just copy the previous entry, ok? Winners will be chosen by and please reply ASAP!

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*Disclosure: I received the Nook to review!

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