Steiff Has A Bunny For Easter Or Everyday!

REVIEWS | | March 31, 2010 at 9:21 pm

Steiff has the coolest bunny to rival any Easter bunny out there.  In fact when this appeared in the mail my girls were apprehensive to touch it as it looked so life-like. This little bunny who is known by the affectionate name of Dossy is just one of the several items in the amazing Steiff collection.

Some stories are steeped in history and when a company has been around since 1880 the products and the tale of its beginning become inter-woven. Here is the thing: I am not a plush person. Too many look too baby-ish.  Then the grown up ones look too scary. Somehow these guys have managed to capture the beauty of animals without making it too cuddly or intimidating. The fact that they are hand-stitched alone should endear you to these critters. When I learned that each animal is airbrushed by hand to get those perfect looking highlights I was envious. I wonder if they could be convinced to work on my hair?

The wonderful thing about the Steiff collection is that this is a collection that  you can safely pass down for generations. The button in the ear trademark, which used to be , makes them distinguishable anywhere.

Disclosure: I received the Steiff bunny to review!


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